Milena Dimitrova: “Art is my mutual shared love… I give my best and from my heart”

At what age did you start painting? I was born and raised in Bulgaria. My earliest memories of interest in art were from kindergarten. As a child, I dreamt as full and wide as any other, and the dream was simple then: I wanted to be an artist. I drew every day and practiced with as much passion and pure intent as any other child. It was very difficult for my family and especially for my mother because we are three sisters, who grew up alone without a father. Despite the deprivations, my mother did her best to enrich my talent.I started my studies in 1998, at National Art High School” Dimitar Dobrovich”, Sliven, Bulgaria – Аdvertising graphics. After 5 years  I continued my education at Sofia University- Pedagogy of art.  I stopped painting for a few years. After the birth of my  child, I picked up a paintbrush and, as cliché as it sounds, felt like I had “come home.” When I started again, it was with even greater zeal and inspiration! Currently, I live and create in Cyprus.

Is someone born an artist or do they become one? We are all born with the potential to become artists. Within every person is an ability and urge to create. We all have it in us to make things, to turn nothing into something. Artists are the people who continued to create, tapping into this ability and urge. Picasso had said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

What word defines you as an artist? Art is my mutual shared love. The feeling of being in love is equal to the feeling of being inspired. Every new project is like being on a date. I give my best and from my heart !!!

Do you feel “inspired” before you create? I think the most important question I have to answer is: Is this interesting?
First, it has to interest and inspire me, then I am compelled to create something with quality and mystery that translates my inspiration to the viewer. My subjects have to have longevity in their presentation. I want to present the figures, still lifes, and landscapes I paint as timeless and something special.

How would you describe your self as an Artist? I am always trying to improve my artwork. I will never attain any kind of “perfection” but as long as I am always challenging myself and never stagnating I know I can only get better.I like to work with different techniques. A key element in the creation is to convey the impression of what the person, the light, the atmosphere, the object, or the landscape are like.

What are your future plans? Recently I am preparing a series of paintings that I intend to dedicate to the impact of the woman and especially the mother. As a mother and daughter, I put a lot of feelings and emotions into them.