Luiza Cala: “Literature will last as long as human does”

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Luiza Cala is a plastic artist, novelist, poet, cultural journalist. Member of the Union of Professional Journalists in Romania. She published twelve books: poetry, prose, interviews. She participated in book festivals in the country (Bukfest 2018,2019, Galați, Râmnicu Vâlcea), but also abroad (Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland). She organizes Cala-tiene evenings”, cultural evenings, in Luiza Cala s gallery-workshop.

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. When u start writing? Literature will last as long as human does! People could not live without a periodic retreat into the imaginary that they load with special abilities. There are two kinds of reveries, one short-lived, transient, and one embedded into the book. Only time could choose the literature that will cross the border of the future generations. One thing is certain: literature and arts, in general, will last as long as human does. Libraries have always been the keeper of the greatest riches. It is the science and the arts that describe, in a true way, a civilization. Our world is constantly changing, rapid technology leaves more time for everybody. I believe that the arts will gain ground, the turn will come for the creation to take place in many occupations, that will become useless.

When did you start writing? I’ve been writing since I know myself. In my early childhood, I wrote stories in my mind. Then, I wrote poems for my mom on Women’s Day. I published a little in my youth (prose), then the life took me to other levels, until recently. I went back to writing with force, downloading my accumulations over the years.

The Good and the Bad. It’s hard to say what’s right and what’s wrong! The world is constantly changing, it hasn’t settled down yet. In my youth there were (relatively) few well-known writers, we had more time, we all read the works in translation. Nowadays the market is totaly invaded, there are so many writers, and the time is less and less… I have too many unread books in my library, books that I will not have time to go throught them, even I would like to. If in my youth I was reading every book form the beginning to the end, even when it did not convince me…, now I abandon those that do not meet my expectations.

Who is winning in nowadays? If we strictly refer to literature, the one who lives as many lives as possible, by reading books, is the one who wins. It is said about the human brain that it does not make the difference between the real and the imagination, so, it is important to read good books, to sit in the luggage of the brain only the special, meritorious worlds!

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? I have published twelve books: prose, poetry and interviews. If you want to find my books, you will have to come to Romania. The books are in Romanian language, only one of poetry is a Romanian- Bulgarian bilingual edition.

The book. E book or Hardcover book? What will be the future? The paper book, Hardcover book, I think, will last forever, despite the ground it earns is the book. My generation and the next one will choose the book on paper, the smell of the books, the touch of the pages … Scientific studies say that memorization is easier when you do browse the book printed on paper.

In the future, maybe, there will be no need to memorize, to learn… At least the representatives of the human race who will take refuge on another planet… they will certainly take a few books with them, necessary until they manage to technologize the new home.

A wish for 2023? I live on the Romanian Black Sea shore, but nearby the war… These impermissible times, within the XXI-st century, in the old and cultural Europe, must come to an end! My greatest wish is to be peace! In literature, I would like that our literature become known in the whole world! On the personal level, I want to finish the prose book I’m working on, to be inspired and healthy!

A phrase from your book

“In the harbor, in the anchor, the Titanic was waiting for us with all the lights on, with the crew lined up for our reception. A plethora of boats swayed ashore, enticing us to take us into the belly of the insatiable.

I looked at you, and although I knew you were able to make it not sink, for a moment I thought if I took all my fond memories, if I did not forget my joys, my feelings, if my soul has everything it needs…

I was ready, I was with you, I had everything… ,,

From the volume, Sometimes I consume young men for breakfast”

Sacred Alphabet

Next to the writings in Latin alphabet

I also have the sacred manuscripts.

Written in a beautiful alphabet.

I exult when I read the words

In which it is played

The mysteries of all eras,

I get dressed

In unearthly stories,

I decode the laws of queens


I gather the manuscripts in my heart,

I move my eyes a little,

Just how much not to lose

Miraculous taste

Of the sacred alphabet,

The alphabet of love.

Luiza Cala Saturn, Romania,  24.01.2023