Ljubica katic: Ποιήματα από την Κροατία…

Οι λέξεις μοιάζουν να πετούν σαν ταξιδιαρικα πουλιά

Επιμέλεια Eva Petropoulou Lianou Author children literary Poet Greece


When everything passes, and it always does;
When our time comes, for, somewhere close, we are;
Missed opportunities, will you regret them?
A clear conscience, will you have?

When everything passes, and doomstday comes;
When the last minute, clock hands count down;
Will you regret leaving me behind?

If i leave this world first,
And, a long life, you live;
Will you bring a flower to my grave;
Will you, to her mention my name?

Ljubica Katic


I know what a town looks like
When covered with white snow.
I know how a swallow looks forward to spring.
I know how a spring enjovs the rain.
I know how brave sadness is.
To trample on thorns by bare feet.

I know how to rise from ashes
I know ehat it’s like
For a heart to freeze.
I know what it’s like.
To drink wormwood and malt.
I know how a lock turns gray.

I know what it’s like
To feel burned out by love.
I know..i know many things.
But there is only one thing i don’t know..
How to forgive betrayal and adultery..

Ljubica Katic


Stuck in the past,
I don’t see the way I should take;
I always look behind me.
Therefore I cannot reach my destination.
In some days gone by,
when hurricanes and storms were hitting me
And winds were bending my branches,
I put up with them even though
they’re still flowing.

If only I could, just for a moment
Run away from this page of life,
where I would put a stop,
where at the beginning the note would be.

All the days of my past life
Wouldn’t fit in a novel,
So I write about them often.
For the heart of many would shake.

Ljubica Katic

bio: Ljubica Katic was born in 1957 in Niksic, Montenegro. She writes from early childhood, first children’s, later love, social, spiritual and haiku poetry. Many of her poems have been translated into several foreign languages and presented in joint collections around the world. She has won several awards and recognitions, both in her country and abroad. She has published two collections of love poetry, bilingual Croatian-English. The third collection is in preparation, which will see the light of day by the end of 2022. She is a member of several literary associations. She lives and works in Split, Croatia