Kang Byeong-Cheol: “I want invest time and energy to spread love, compassion and develop myself in 2023”

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Kang Byeong-Cheol is a Korean authors, poet and translator. Born in Jeju city of South Korea in 1964. He started writing in 1993, publishing his first short story, “Song of Shuba,” at the age of twenty-nine. He published a collection of short stories in 2005. He won 4 Literature award and published more than 8 books. He was a member of The Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) of PEN International (2009-2014). He was an editorial writer of NewJejuIlbo Which is a News Paper in Jeju City, Korea.

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. When you start writing? I started writing in 1993, publishing my first short story, “Song of Shuba,” at the age of twenty-nine. It was a story about religions and humanity.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? Democracies is winning in nowadays. Authoritarianism may seem like a long-forgotten part of many countries’ history. For as long as I can remember, their fellow citizens have had the right to voice their opinion and to organize freely, political parties have competed in meaningful elections, and the legislature and courts have checked their governments’ actions. Yet, many countries are not democracies. But it is clear that authoritarianism is collapsing.

Literary Authority is collapsing too. Literary works focusing on authority and resistance to it in addition to sharing these common themes try to bring certain lessons to its readers. Some works, unity or stability in society which is often seen as a positive thing in real life, turns out to be a method of authoritative control. Recently, people have full information and awareness when making decisions or choosing an ideology. So, diversity is very important. Local resistance literature is reflective on the struggle against authority and subjugation. Local literature is rising.

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? I have written more than 8 books. I did not translate my works in foreign languages. So, one can buy my book in Korean bookstores.

The book. E book or Hardcover book. What will be the future? For me, I like hardcovers for looks but more so read the paperbacks. I don’t really like paperbacks and the e-books at all but they are a little cheaper and easier to carry around.

A wish for 2023. I think that life is very short to waste in hatred and negativity. I want invest time and energy to spread love, compassion and develop myself in 2023. It is difficult to think of much else besides desperate thoughts about how to protect humanity and how to make our society a more peaceful.

A phrase from your book. “My son! Do not blame yourself. When there is no target to blame, it is called the worst misfortune. Have faith in the future. You should believe your son get well again, you should sure and pray to Buddha. When Pandora’s box was open, hope also came out to win the pain. Living without hope is like being dead. I love you, my son!”