Jeanette Eureka Tiburcio: “I am only a sensitive soul and it is an honor to see that I can touch the hearts of others and make us one”

Interview with Presidente of Thousand Minds for Mexico Director of Latino OntimeBooks Director of several magazines Mexico Europe

Do you remember writing your first words of poetry? When was it
Please tell us more about it. Thank you dear for the opportunity and to everyone who reads. At 7 years old, motivated by my family, especially my extraordinary grandmother, my sweet mother and my beautiful sister.

Did you have any early influences / inspirations? Since I was born, poetry has been sung at home, my sister used to sing poetry before the age of 4, and my sister writes from an early age, she was my INFLUENCES and INSPIRATIONS.

What/who started you writing poetry? My sister who is a year older than me, loved poetry and it was our girlish language.

What subjects mostly inspires you to write? Why? When I write I only have to touch my feelings, I can write about anything.

Do you remember your first ever published work? Where, what was it? When? Tell me how you felt seeing your words in print. Yes I remember, I was 10 years old, it was a poem dedicated to my family that appeared in the local newspaper in the Port of Veracruz. I felt emotion and realized that poetry transforms everything.

What publication are you most proud to have your work published in, why? In all of them I feel proud, in reality I am not a writer, I write and nothing else… I am only a sensitive soul and it is an honor to see that I can touch the hearts of others and make us one.

Do you have a favourite genre of poetry? Why? Tell me more about it. To write: The free verse for the cadence and that I can play with the limits. To read: The sonnet and the sestina.

What are your future plans as a writer/poet? Keep writing as long as you can breathe and feel.

What projects are you working on and why? I am working in a poetry and art festival that brings together Greece, Mexico, China and Peru. From the editorial line, I am in the Executive Direction of Ontime Books Latino and in the Presidency of Mexicanos en Red. From poetry, I am doing my first solo collection of poems dedicated to my Father. And i’ m finishing a math book for the new times.

A phrase that you like and inspired you. EUREKA, EUREKA.

Thank you so much dear friend. Thanks to you my much admired friend, great writer, poet, editor and world personality of the arts.
I want to congratulate Dra Jeanette Eureka Tiburcio for all the amazing work she is doing with her associationMil Minds for Mexico Creating bridges of culture.