H ιστορία της Μaha Magdy: Μια αυτοδίδακτη Ζωγράφος με πολλά όνειρα

From Egypt with love… Plastic artist Maha Magdy, a girl with amazing artistic dimensions

Written by / the plastic artist Hasnaa Nawiya:  Dr. Iman Meliti’s translation

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετρόπουλου Λιανου

She is the young woman, Maha Magdy Ibrahim, from Egypt. She grew up in Sohag governorate until she settled in Giza governorate.

Maha carries hereditary genes for art, which made her discover her talent by her own since she was a child. Maha was fond of  the drawing lesson so much that it was impossible to miss any course but deeply influrnced by her mother’s study of artistic décoration subject, This fact  confirms that she already has an artistic genetic gene.

She kept her mother’s decorative books and art tools to take off from there and start  her journey with art, so she began imitating the drawings of her mother’s books and  began to use her mother’s art tools while drawing to train herself.

Maha was by her own, encouraging herself and believing that self-confidence and love of the hobby will extract from her  what she innerly  carries as artistic conscience. She always dreamed of becoming a great artist referred to by the world as an artistic imprint, and from this enthusiasm she began to draw and paint until she drew the attention of everyone who saw her artistic paintings  Starting with her parents, then her teachers at schools, she was happy with this special attention and then admiring her art, and she desired to draw in order to amaze them.

Maha mentioned some of her fans beside her parents, so her teacher was Mister Abdeen Al-Bandari, who influenced her with a sentence expressing her how much she is an artist, telling her that he wants to visit her at her home when she meets a life partner in the future to see how her artistic touch will be in every corner of her home.

Until the days passed and she met a life partner, so that he and his family became among the list of fans of her art as well.

Maha says my husband was the source of my inspiration and he was happy with my success and encouraged me to practice  art that I love, He was a husband who shared her love of art and then belief in it.

Maha art represents for her the present and the future, and she always wishes to devote much more of her time, because art for her bringing life to  everything around her.  They come from another planet, as some of you claim.

Maha work independently and  she  receive the drawing orders that are presented to her from a portrait drawing or  drawing nature or landscape,  she says, I am always ready to learn anything related to art, as I always hold  love, enthusiasm and energy for art, and she  also said that she is waiting for an appropriate opportunity to teach  art courses in the near future.

And when I asked her about your ideal in art, she replied that her ideal would not be anyone in particular and that she prefers to be herself and not put herself in comparison with anyone, believing that art is relative and has no limited  horizon of talent. 

And she continued that absolutely all artists are successful and all have their way to create, 

Maha says: “I feel that I am better than many, and there are of course those who are better than me.

I am working to develop my talent without setting a certain ceiling of ambition because art has no limits and it will continue to learn from all artists who love their art without putting itself in comparison with anyone.”

Maha has participated in some art exhibitions and has received appreciation certificates and artistic shields as moral awards

Maha did not study plastic art and did not study at  an art university, but she is gifted by nature and has the challenge and determination to prove her talent to everyone.

Maha aspires to learn more and work by  her talent more and more and participate more in exhibitions and aspires to register her name in the Syndicate of Fine Artists as well. About her dream, she says, “I dream of having my own gallery for painting, all transparent from glass, in order to sow joy in the heart of everyone who looks at the place with my artistic paintings.”  .

Maha is an artist who has always adored her art with black and white colors and merging them with cheerful colors, which gives her the impression of luxury, dignity, calmness and joy at the same time.

By the end we should  Greet the plastic artist.. Maha Magdy Ibrahim, wishing her all the best in the world of creativity.