Francesco Favetta

Dedicated to the female universe, so that it is not only November 25th of each year: attention to our beloved women!


Lonely women

lie down on the pains

a whole life

women to the stars

raped ports

from the stormy sky

from unrequited love

women cry

they scream inside their skin

all the pain suffered.

Silent women

humiliated by the hands

shaken by the beloved love

locked up in prisons

wounded hearts

abandoned loves

to their fate

eternal withered roses

in the garden of wonders

sad shields and violated destinies.

Women in love

then mothers cry

often give a smile

they rest without disturbing

several times they are friends

or they come down from the clouds

they kiss calloused hands

of man no more

lover husband and father

they give themselves to despair

suffer the ferocity

of sick love

in the silence of the walls of the house

they die slowly

stealing from the days

a silent tear.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta. 

Little tear

And it’s not love

it is no longer feeling

this sick love

cross pain and violence

about the women you love.

The love of yesteryear

violated torn


thrown to the ground

trampled on in anger

of bitter flesh

once loved.

Without the tears

choked in the throat

these women of ours

in nights of terror

forced to love

they scream all their pain

of this sick love

dead at heart


©Copyright Francesco Favetta.       

Culture is the blood of life!

Culture is not like a beautiful woman who, of herself, shows all her beauty, and who steals her heart from the victims of her enchantment of a feminine nature:

culture is passion, it is blood,

it’s suffering, it’s inspiration,

it’s nothing and it’s everything!

it is certainly not,

a walk through the streets of vanity, or of the insignificance linked to ridiculous human manifestations, anchored to envies and childish behaviors, which then lead to the most absurd forms of the human construct, thus generating:

vainglory, hypocrisy and everything that dresses life with useless words.

Culture is, freedom, inherent in the blood and soul, of those who fear no borders

and he doesn’t like cages, human fences, and above all he doesn’t want to die in the void of the world and in the races of time!

Culture is, the cry, the mighty scream of the man who holds the cross on his shoulders, is the pain born of criminal blackmail, of men and women:

on the lives of others like them!

Culture loves life,

but never seek compromises,

is an anchor rooted in the soul,

it’s like a revolution

inside the veins, and in the words, in labor:

blood and salt, love and dignity!

From “Inner Soul Reflections”

©Copyright Francesco Favetta.