Farhan Alkhateb: “Good literature is that which transcend years ages, nations and continents”

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Μετάφραση: Taghrid BouMerhi

Farhan Alkhateb is a syrian poet. He was the tenth child in his family and three came after him. His parents were farmers who care about the family in ” Shaaf” the name of his village. Which is the highest inhabited peak in Syria. It’s slopes are crowned with almond trees and vine. He left his village at twelve carried with him the spirit of the place and obsession with poetry. Until he obtained alicense in literature from the university of Damascus.

Please share with us your opinion on the future of literature? The first human being existed, the advanced of them in thought tried to find a gap in the wall of the main stream, and attempts began to invent alphabets such as cuneiforms and hieroglyphics so that they could express their life purposes and then began creativityand creation as an expression of self oobsession through drawing and inscription. Up to since to the stage of writing ang reading that they termed the (literary language) and from that time literature began to ascend on the stage of human knowledge and now through the net we are heading towarde the widening of it’s area and the  and the smoothness of it’s circulation, and the giving and receiving has increased with remarkable exchange between nations and peoples this is what makes us optimistic about a bright literary future. Even if it went through some failures from the tried and tested. This doesn’t harm the original and essential part of it, I am n’t concerned about a future of literature, with what our youth possesses a steadfast spirit ana the ability to develope expression.

When did you start writing and who is winning these days the bad or the good? Writing has been obsession since my school childhood and my first manuscript book was in high school (Blooming Roses) from the title you relaize the age in which it was written. And the university stage didn’t end until my graduation coincided with the printing of my first book (Nawaqis al_Duha). I see the winner in literature is always good and what is similar to literature, and modern means of communication (the internet) have helped it’s spread so, it will inevitably die with the death of it’s owne because it’s owner now is the one who blows fire into it to make it glow out of of helplessness, but after that it will become the ashes of literature, and good literature is that which transcend years ages, nations and continents. Shakespear Almutanabbi, Homer Chekhov and many others.

How many books have you written and where can we find them? I have published eight collection of poetry seven for adults, one of them is for children. It’s found in some Syrian libraries, on some websites and on my facebook page.

Paper book or the electronic book ,what will it be in the future? The electronic book began to invade our culture life, and it is within the reach of the reach of the resercher wherever. In addition to the speed of response by searching for the required information, and it’s future can’t be ignored, except that the paper book we _our generation have become familiar with it alot and our relationship with it’s remains warmer and more imtimate.

Your wish for the year 2023? My country Syria returne to what it was in peace, prosperity and the Arab world has more self confidence, at all level Morocco is amodel. For my personal life, I wish safety and joy for my family and I aspire to print a new books for me poetry and  studies.

Thanks alot Taghrid abo Merai