Eralieva Umutai Polotovna Kyrgyzstan: “Writing is an art, a reservoir of God… I thank God a thousand times for giving me the art of writing”

Συνεντεύξεις με ξένους λογοτέχνες. Σας παρουσιάζουμε την Eralieva UMUTAI POLOTOVNA Kyrgyzstan poet, writer, publicist

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The Future of Literature. The future of literature is eternal. Literature will survive as long as possible. There are so many countries in the world, how many planets, so many states, so much culture, so much literature. Eva, the way we communicate is international culture, literature. The future of literature will continue to flourish. Every era has its own classic writers and poets. Only writers and poets pass on literature as a legacy to future generations.

Since when did you start writing? My writing skills as a child.  My father was an educated intelligent man.  There would be a small library in the house.  Tom Marx, Engels, Lenin, books of world masterpieces bought and kept in his library. He liked to read books and newspapers.  Until dawn, the newspaper read the magazine, subscribing to newspapers and magazines. Although his profession was a construction economist, when he returned home he wrote and recited poetry according to the personalities of all his children.  He to whom took possession of the instrumentation.  Impressed by my father, the children went to kindergarten to sing and dance, and I also learned to play the komuz, having entered a children’s music school and studied for five years.  I also worked as a freelance reporter, in the near future from the eighth grade, doing school news in district, regional newspapers.  I received fees by mail … Work in a newspaper, I was fond of literature.

Is being a writer good or bad? Writing is an art, a reservoir of God. Only the one who takes the burden, the burden is used, the poet, can be a writer, a poet. I thank God a thousand times for giving me the art of writing! I got a huge achievement thanks to my writer’s stucco. I am currently contributing to world literature.

How many books have you written? In the end, I wrote ten books.  Four of my books are written in the journalistic genre.  One of my books is a historical encyclopedic collection.  I wrote two books in the genre of children’s poetry, one of them in the genre of children’s literature.  She has written two more biographical books.

Where can we find your books? My books are in the hands of readers.  Sold finished.

Is the book electronic or hardcover? Hardcover.

Thoughts about the future? In the future, a new name will appear – Umutkan Eralieva.  At the same time, I want my work to be frequently interrupted on the Amazon site and often create demand for favorite works that satisfy readers.

One word in your book… One put on one, How?  – determined by the Teacher. Long mass, answered Emilbek, The position of the ear on the eyebrow…

Eralieva UMUTAI POLOTOVNA Kyrgyzstan is a poet, writer, publicist. Member of the National Union of Writers of Kyrgyzstan, member of the Union of Writers of North America, Eurasian Creative Guild (London). “WORLD UNION OF POETS”  WORLD PARLIAMENT OF LITERATURE  “PENTASI WORD FRIENDSHIP POETRY” member Ten Dogons is the author of literary, journalistic, historical, scientific books. Winner of several international competitions and festivals. He has two higher educations. Profession: economist, accountant. speech therapist (defectologist). Director of the children’s training center “Asterisks” in Bishkek