Dragon Boat festival

The special event of Dragon Boat Festival of Zhengxin International Poet Award officially ended on June 6, 2022.

The event received the works of 24 poets from abroad and 40 famous poets from China. They all read their wonderful poems and thanked with their own ways, It proves that they attach importance to poetry and the award of the poet of integrity.

And now all the 24 international poets have also obtained certificates,and the certificates are …..

The relevant contents of this event will be released on official and main media platforms in China then recently. And also all the 24 international poets’ works,videos and translations will be published one by one too on the webs and YouTube.

In the future, the event will also be built into a fixed “brand” of the Dragon Boat Festival every year.

Love you all my dearest family and friends my best blessings to you all forever,and will share the translations later the days.

James Tian

Editor in chief

Responsible for the festival

Official web of Chinese Culture and Education : http://www.zhwjw.net/article/discuss/202206/18709.shtml