Dr. Jernail Singh Anand
President, International Academy of Ethics

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Author: Dr. Jernail Singh Anand is Founder President  of The International Academy of Ethics, a think-tank of Poets, Philosophers, Thinkers, Scientists and Social Scientists.  He is Professor Emeritus with the European Institute of the Roma Studies, Belgrade and Honorary Member of the Serbian Writers Association. Dr. Anand has authored 150 books which include 9 epics which are considered  world classics. He has innovated the theory of Bio-text in critical theory. The Univ. of Neyshabur, Iran has conducted a Research Project on his Poetry comparing it with Iranian Poets, under Dr. Roghayeh Farsi. His works have been translated into 20 world languages.
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[There has been a deafening silence on a major issue to which no one has provided any definite answer:  What is the language of gods? And why are we unable to decode it? What can be the reason for the disharmony and disorder that we find between the gods and the world of men? How is Creative Intelligence different from Artificial Intelligence? – this article discusses some topics which remain unresolved so far]


The language we speak belongs to this earth only. We cannot communicate with this language with gods. We do not understand in which language they speak. That is why the world is at variance with what gods want. Priests take the credit of talking to the gods in languages invented by men, which makes their claims doubtful. I am reminded of St. Joan who was burnt on the stake because she said that saints talked to her. In which language? The question remains under the shadows of mystery.


There are essentially two types of creatures.

One: Those who are blessed with Creative Intelligence.
Two: The mentally retarded species who take the help of Artificial Intelligence.


How Gods speak and how they communicate with the world of their creation.

The most pristine language is the language of signals/symbols.

Gods talk only through symbols. Rains, draught, tempests, – everything says something. In fact, the whole universe is a sort of expression of godly will. To add to it, we humans too have added significance to these objects. For example, we worship the ‘peepul’ tree. We worship rivers. We worship the sun. We have invented our own reasons for these activities. In a way, we are trying to understand divine signals.

Another example is sometimes, a man is acting foul and robbing the poor people. Gods will never descend and call aloud, or condemn him. They will only make his son or daughter blind or deaf. It is his punishment. There are still a thousand explanations how we comment on ‘Karma’. Although, there is a strong case for believing that every man has his individual account with gods, and his fate is dependent on his deeds, yet it has never been contradicted that a man’s overdoings visit his near and dear ones too.

While evaluating their deeds, I wonder if there is any discussion. Or men are asked any questions. Or even asked to explain. If you find anywhere God said so, man said so.. it is all the creation of human mind. We human beings have a Penal Code with several sections. Gods have a far superior technology and as soon as a man is put in the scale, the section under which he is to be charged becomes visible. And he is despatched for the sentence meant for him. Every thing is done in  solemn silence.

So, this is the language of SIGNALS/SYMBOLS. Which we men hardly understand, and often suffer. The spiritual people often try to understand this language, but it more often leads to confusions. All ‘mantras’ and ‘tantras’, in human language, are believed to appease, please or displease gods. I still think that Gods are happy or unhappy, not because of what you say, but because of what you feel. It is soul to soul network which works.

What you think, what you feel and what you act, – this is the only language they understand. And give their verdict depending on it.

SILENCE is another very important language in the spiritual and even the empirical world. You go and pray to gods, and think that they will listen to your appeals. But most of the times, there is no response. It means your prayer is out of place. But we do not believe it. We go to the mike, and start it out in high decibles. Now it is noise. Meant only for the surrounding millions.

The language of Silence is often used in the world also. Look at the behaviour of your elders. You ask for something. Your father keeps mum. Do you think he has not said anything?

When some foul act is taking place, and you must cry, but you do not cry, does it not MEAN you are scared of somebody?

When you are Silent, you listen to the voices within. An internal dialogue becomes possible only in silence.

The spiritual men, observed silence, and most of the time, remained silent, sometimes they would go on a ‘maun vrat’ also to keep mum, – it was all a heightened talk with the inside, and the gods inside or out.


I have divided the creation into two parts. There are some species which are born with great Creative Intelligence. They understand the signals/symbols/silences of gods.

Just remember how rats start leaving a sinking ship,
And how dogs start barking when something evil is going to strike?

This is their creative intelligence, and they need no written script for it.

Birds, animals, flies, insects – they are imbued with creative intelligence. They converse with gods very easily. And they understand what gods say without any written scriptural works.


Men are the mentally retarded race, so far as dealing with gods is concerned. You can see in your life that an intelligent man understands your gestures, but you have to give a written slip to a man with a weak mind. What we have done? We have developed language. We have huge books, huge libraries. Huge writings. Huge research.

Yet, have the human beings succeeded in decoding what gods want? Still we cannot understand their gestures.
Do we understand each other? Can we communicate properly with each other? Ukrain and Russia are at war, because, inspite of highly sophisticated systems, the communication failed.

That is the reason why, humanity, in spite of its grand civilization, is running on a confrontation course with nature and the divine, and among themselves too, men against themselves, and men against men, nations against nations, and the world against the world of gods, the nature.

We people know very crude systems of communications. Like body language, or language, and then we dwell on metaphors, symbols, etc.

Yes, it all shows our sophistication.

But, as men, we are bestowed with millions of blessings by gods.

Do we understand their language?
Do they understand our language?

We still are groping in the dark, in spite of all the Artificial Intelligence.

Why we go on writing books? Because we remain to be understood, and we have not yet been able to say what we want to say in the way it has to be said and understood.

Do we realize we are mentally retarded as compared to the simple folks like horses, elephants, birds, and to mention waters, oceans, and winds?

Before them, we, our intelligence is ACQUIRED INTELLIGENCE, while they are INNATELY ORIGINALY BESTOWED.

I wonder if we shall ever gain access to the language of gods? And get to know what they say? What they want?

Only then, there will be harmony between gods and men, the harmony which has been disturbed by our arrogant behaviour as the KNOW-ALLS of this Creation.