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SHUCHI SHARMA Youth Icon and World Ambassador, IAE

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


It has been reported that 85% of the world’s population suffers from low self-esteem which is usually a product of rejection, neglect and abuse. It’s  critical to address this problem:

Since low self-esteem can compromise the quality of your life and lead to mental health problems, understanding life from this perspective may help you to overcome situations where you put less value on yourself 

Never do this to yourself. 

You should never be determined by how someone else is.

Once you allow that,  you will remain a slave to someone else all your life because they will decide whether you’re happy or unhappy. The most important part of your life is what is happening within you. Whether misery happens to you or joy happens within you, it only comes from within you,

Why can’t you have it coming all the time? 

We have not taken care of this. The most unjust thing that you can do for yourself and everybody around you, especially other people who have such big expectations of you is that you make yourself unhappy, due to  unpleasant which  means inefficiency of life. 

All this, when you are given such a sophisticated mechanism called a Mind.

The human mind is not a simple thing. It is a magnificent mechanism. We are not looking at how this works, simply we are trying to use it by nature or by accident. People may get to use it but they are not conscious. Now let’s not talk about controlling your mind, let’s talk about liberating it from all kinds of additions that are added on.

If you control your body, you control your mind too.

What it means is your control means to hold it within certain limits. But you become who you are in the world only because you cross the limits that other people never cross. So the method should be not of control but of liberation. Over some time, you Gather a body and a certain level of mind, these two if you know how to use them to your advantage, will work one way.

You must bring at least a little bit of this Essence into your life. 

There is something called reality, and there is something called impressions of reality that we carry within ourselves, so if you want to do something right,  the first thing is we’re able to grasp the situation and take appropriate action. 

What all is there in the human mind?

In the human mind, there is perception, there is memory, there is imagination, and people are not able to keep these things separate, it is the only reality that you can handle. Memory and imagination you can only Fancy with. One is about imagination that is over, one is about what is yet to happen, and there is the memory of the game, there is the imagination of how you will carry the cup and there is a reality of a ball coming to you. 

Make a distinction between what is you and what is not you. 

Whatever you are associating yourself with, after some time you start experiencing it as yourself because somewhere in your mind you identify with it. Starting from the most fundamental thing, it goes into various things, which cause an enormous amount of disturbance and misery but the most basic thing which breeds this is your own body and your mind. 

If you bring this distinction into your life, you will see suddenly your ability, your body and your mind are phenomenally enhanced, many many folds, the same body and the same mind simply because you are not entangled with it, you can use it so much better, simply because there is a little bit of space between you and your body and you and your mind. 

There is substantial scientific and medical information today to clearly say that only when you are at ease, do your body and mind function at their best. 

The most important thing is to make a distinction between what are you and what is not you when it is said that what is not you and what is not you, whatever you associate yourself with, after some time you start experiencing it as yourself because somewhere in your mind you identify with it. Starting from the most fundamental thing, it goes into various things which cause an enormous amount of disturbance which can go into various things. 


Hence, what’s the power of not reacting? 

Nobody should raise you, that’s what humans mean. Human means you can consciously shape yourself. If you’re consciously shaping yourself where is the question of reacting to anything? You can respond according to your intellect.  The moment you react, you are enslaved by the situation.

AUTHOR: Shuchi Sharma is a Delhi based writer from India. She has been through a lot in her life, but a brave fighter throughout her life, she has never given up on her circumstances. Now with these blogs, she has made her site. Everyone is invited to read her blogs. She does not need anything except the funds for the medicines which cost a lot to her family. A brave soul suffering from serious neurological issues, yet fighting the battle of her life. The International Academy of Ethics has granted her the status of a Youth Icon and World Ambassador, keeping in view her spirit to fight it out in spite of grave physical deformities.