Abir Arbid: “I wish peace for every soul and every land in this universe”

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Mετάφραση: Taghrid BouMerhi

Abir Arbid: I have specialized in early years education and leadership. My poetry has been published on several Arab websites and newspapers.

Work in progress: – A collection of alphabet stories with songs. – A poetic collection on divine love

Personal mission: – Member of an advisory committee in the Lebanese Book Club. – Member of the Administrative Board of the Arab Poets Forum. – Founder of the page “إبداع شباب وشابات لبنان” – One of the founders of the “صلوات في هيكل الرّوح” page to honor Dr. Nazik Abu Alwan Abed. – Member of the administrative committee in the popular forum of the poet of the port.

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. When u start writing? Contrary to the popular belief that technology has negatively impacted literature, I believe it has had a great positive impact as it exposed people to different styles of writers and writings that inspired those individuals to unravel hidden talents. Some of those new writers didn’t quite have the skill for it, but this is where the job of good critics, publishers, and readers came to play. I started writing as a teenager, it was more like journaling whatever came to mind, but it eventually developed by further practice specially reading more.

The Good and the Bad. The good is making it easy for publications to reach bigger audience in addition to controlled media. The Bad is publishing below the minimum level in writing and controlled media.

Who is winning in nowadays? The spread of corruption even among writers may be prominent these days, and unfortunately their works are spread and they reach great fame through their connections or the possible use of bribes, but in my opinion the reader would know to choose the correct narrative.

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? In 2020, I published my first book, which is a novel called “Whispers of Love,” published by Kiwan Publishing House. It was shown in several Arab exhibitions, and you can find it on the Nile and Euphrates website. As for my second book, it is about prose poetry, the first edition of which was printed in Egypt by Dar Escripe, and allow me to thank my teacher, the poet Nasser Ramadan Abdel Hamid, for his support. The book was shown in the Cairo exhibition and will be shown this year as well; a second edition was printed of it in Lebanon issued by Dar Al-Bayan Al-Arabi and I signed it at the Beirut International Fair. I have also contributed in several Arabic and international poetry encyclopedias:

– the three-volume Flowers of Literature, published by the Arab Poets Forum.

– the collection of 1000 poets and poetess around the world, “Shamoo’ al-Amal”

– the candles of hope

– the global anthology of global poetry

Modern writers

– the book “Flashing Heartbeats” published by the Arab Poets Forum, which was translated into French. Tjona is the “flowers of literature” in the Cairo exhibition.

The book. E book or Hardcover book. What will be the future? Digital books have already begun to sweep the market in light of the global economic and environmental crises. There are several factors that prompted people to resort to e-books like the easy access of obtaining them, the high price of paper books, and the concern for the environment. But the feeling of paper and its essence has not and will not be forgotten as it is to be cherished.

A wish for 2023. I wish, after all what we have been through as a society, that we will work with each other and join hands in saving culture from the clutches of corruption. I also wish peace for every soul and every land in this universe.

A phrase from your book

مرفأ الأ

خيالي ألوان مزركشة

ألوان منمّقة

ليس فيه ظلال

محوت نقاطَه السّوداء

زيّنته، جمّلته، داريته

رويته بفخر

غذّيت فيه الكبرياء

رسمت فيه خطوطا

اعلّق عليها أحلامي

في وضح الشّمس

تحت السّماء


احتفل القمر

مع النّجوم الرّاقصة

اجتمعت روحي وقلبي،

مع عقلي

فكان مرشدهما

كان نورهما

قفزتُ فوق الأشواك

رسمتُ لوحات بدمي

فأعطى الدّم رونقا

لورود رسمتها حمراء

فجرحي علمني القوّة

نزفي ثار بعنفوان

مآسيّ أمواج

بنيت بوجهها سدّا

فغدت لسفينتي

مرفأ الأحلام.