Umbilicus “Path Of 1000 Suns” out September 30th

20 years ago a seed was planted. 
Paul Mazurkiewicz and Vernon Blake set forth to accomplish their vision of creating a great rock n roll band harkening back to the sounds of great 70’s bands like Steppenwolf, The Scorpions, Lucifer’s Friend, and Black Sabbath in a modern setting. 

The idea was put aside as Paul created a heavier more brutal version of Death Metal and Vern set punk rock roots. 
When the whole world shut down in 2020 the idea of UMBILICUS once again began to sprout from the seed planted 2 decades before in Paul and Verns minds. 
Enter Taylor Nordberg Riff Extraordinaire. 
Recruiting Taylor, the 3 crafted the songs that would eventually come to shape “Path of 1000 suns” adding vocalist Brian Stephenson to round out the Umbilicus sound. 

On “Path of 1000 Suns” you can feel the same intensity you would expect from Paul and Taylors Death metal roots, the attitude from Verns punk rock past and the rock n roll vocal melodies Brian Stephenson brings to the table. 

The lyrical topics explored on the albums 10 songs vary from purely fictional accounts to topics that explore all facets of the human condition and delve deep into the injustices we cast upon ourselves and others.  

“Path of 1000 Suns is not a concept album” Says singer Brian Stephenson “However, the band is more of a concept in itself. The concept of being in the moment and embracing total creative freedom.” He continues. “On this record we really focused on crafting the catchiest, most badass, hard driving rock n roll tunes we could. We are paying homage to our rock n roll heroes of the past yet looking toward the future. ’Path of 100 suns’ is the journey of 4 individuals coming together to create a wild and free Rock n roll.’”

“Path of 1000 Suns” was recorded at Smoke and Mirrors Productions in Florida and produced by Taylor Nordberg who also designed the albums cover art. 
Vocals recorded by Cory Bergeron at Pebble Studios in Canada. 

The track listing is as follows:
1. Hello Future
2. Umbilicus
3. Gates of Neptune
4. I, Human
5. Stump Sponge
6. My Own Tide
7. Life On The Sun
8. The Call
9. Traveler 
10. Gathering At The Kuipers Belt

“Path of 1000 Suns” is scheduled for a Sept. 30, 2022 release on Listenable Insanity Records.

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