Taghrid Bou Merhi: “Όλος ο κόσμος είναι ποίηση…”

Γράφει η Eva Petropoulou Lianou

Η μεταφράστρια και ποιήτρια από το Λίβανο που κατοικεί στη Βραζιλία, μας στέλνει τα υπέροχα ποιήματά της

Biography by Taghrid Bou Merhi Lebanese Poetess, Writer, Translator. Árabic teacher for non-native speakers.Living in Brazil. Holds a Law Degree. Editor of Al-Arabi Today Electronic Newspaper and Agareed Literary Magazine. Fluent in Arabic (native language), French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. She has written four books. Participated in writing the book and  encyclopedia. Published in various Literary magazines, journals, anthologies and websites. Her poems have been translated into Uzbyk, French, English, Italian Turkich, Amazigh and Portoguese. Email[email protected]

Poems by Taghrid Bou MerhiLebanon/ Brasil


I need your voice to speak with,But the wind is lavishAnd the sea is mute.
I am splinteredMy wound is deep I am torn apart And my whole is burning 
Oh how I am shrouded in pain,And is there but pain for who is full of longing
Like a stormy night fed up with the madness of rainSo Cut with your wavesFor The wound will set you free
And Don’t break the foam sleeping in my lungsBecause between the sea of longing and this wound is a pact
Has your voice become inkSo I can pledge allegiance to it?!Behind the madness of sea, lovers are walking!
Oh eyelid of my heart! And these thorns are slapping itOh water sadness and silenced fire,Is this endeavor a failure?
Silence ignites in the body of the poemDances with the cloudsSpins and spinsAnd your voice is like a harpI wished it vocalised !!!

TO kILL ONE PERSON OR TO kill a thousand people… it makes no difference.!!

When the salinity mixed in the midst of the waves, a tear slipped.
The exile was crying, not knowing that the victim had a special ritual.
Between the eternal arrangement of the universe and a tombstone there is a contemplative relationship:
~You’re dead and they’re dead~
The mirage is a myth, amidst the siege, we are in ruins, owls squawking over us!!
How long will the massacre continue?!
When the exile bit his fingertips, he had discovered his absent self, and fired a bullet at a body leaving a body!!
And on the other side of existence, where the spirits are the spirits, where the waves soar in the infinite, and the flowers still have a green stalk
Remember the buds that withered and dreams that crashed on rocky harbors!!
Remember while you are between the viscosity of clay and the lightness of spirit, the rivers dried up and the dead left!!
So the wave connected to the wave, and the soul to the soul, and the souls left their cages, and the dust remained..!


The wave ends hereFrom a blind miserable songFrom a hollow dance
From the wings of a rebellious phoenixFrom a night full of darkness
From blind silenceand deaf ears
From fields and barren lands
For whom does the sea sing, then?!
For those who sing the sea and wear the arteries of life.!For those who overflow with turquoise his dream and pearl oyster..!
I am the end
And the sun dance
Forever awake face
For those who bare the sky with light?Who organizes my poems sunrise?For whom is the sand and the foam of the seas?
Years crumpled up in my voicePain is delicious here
Scattered foliage
The waves live here
And in the middle of the nightNobody walks in the room
Just a moment
Just a moment of love
And a dreamy piece of moonlight.