Sudhakar Gaidhani: “A writer should create on the side of truth. Be it good or bad”

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Pl share your thoughts about the future of literature. Literature is an integral part of society.  Literature entertains and churns the mind.  A writer cannot avoid social commitment, because man is a social animal. Literature in every language strives to paint a picture of it’s social and cultural life and connect it’s relationship with the world.  And when this happens, it belongs to this living planet. Where there is society, there is literature. Talent is in the form of a seed in every human being, whoever cultivates that seed properly will reap its fruits.

True literature is an intellectual and cultural need of human beings, so the world has seen that true literature makes the literary man an apostle.  Therefore, the future of every genuine literary work is always bright. According to Eliot, “Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood”.

But what is poem? There is no unanimous agreement about  the concept. In my opinion, poetry is a beautiful outburst resulting out of deliberation of innermost thoughts. It becomes the nucleus of the poetry. It balances the surface, middle and bottom of the poem.Many times, it is imbibed on the minds of the readers that the readers are not mature enough to understand the poetry of some poets. These poems are too ahead of the present time. But its not true. The poem can be obscured but if it is self obscure? Then it can be counted as “Mad Poetry” only. No poetry is proved to be a nymph by wearing jewellery and ornaments externally.

A noble poem also stands nude before her ingenious devoted reader. The neede weaves the clothes to cover the nudes, but it itself remains nude still no one objects it for its nudity. The poetry is also nude similarly.

When you start writing? There is no fix time. Its depend on the mood. I am on my mission to serve the poetry for the past 50 years. By coincidence, when my first poetry book (published in 1973) was in Nagpur University’s M.A. (Marathi Literature) syllabus, I was answering myself a student of M.A., which means I was answering questions on my own poems.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? Truth has been victorious in the world till date, and it will always be. But truth has to constantly struggle with falsehood. It is the same picture even today. This also affects the writing of literature. A writer should create on the side of truth. Be it good or bad. But both sides.

For this I wish to answer through my one of the poems (1973).

Born good die good

Born good die good

all this, for a span small

shadows in the sea, shiver

its bed rocky, depth small.

Flies linger near this cheat, the Time

and some one coo-es

“Life, a show small”,

As I sit under

an umbrella blue

age both,

the night and life’s hue

On the horizon, I see

blossoming, soft, feathery, dawn.

How many books have you written and where can we find your books?

Published literature

6 collections of poems

2 epic poems

125 Short Radio Plays

and 3 full-fledged dramas.

Poetry translated into 34 languages of the world.

Devdoot the angel (English) as

A wish for 2022. The year 2022 has been marred by the tragedy of the attack on Ukraine. This should stop now. May the earth of Buddha and Jesus be in complete peace.

Every day begins with the chirping of birds, the coolness of the air, the blossoming of flowers and the soft rays of the sun. So happiness is being naturally created,  then where does suffering come from?  It is man made.

A phrase from your book. A phrase from my book from

Devdoot the angel as-

…dressed in rags

we went to sell gold-

not a soul turned to us.

Then dressed in gold

we went to sell rags-

and lo! mad was the rush.

Sudhakar Gaidhani (Bio) from India

Sudhakar Gaidhani is M.A.M.F.A. from Nagpur University-Maharashtra -India.His mother tongue is Marathi. He knows three languages, Marathi, Hindi and English.His poems have been translated into 34 languages of the world. He has received  many State, National and International awards including WILLIAM BLAKE INTERNATIONAL AWARD from Contact International Journal from Romania and “SILVER CROSS For CULTURE– WORLD MEDAL from World Union of Poets- Italy. Contact International journal has dedicated its Oct-Dec.2021 issue to Gaidhani’s poetry with the honour as–; The Celestial Year 2021 CONTACT INTERNATIONAL is named after our LAUREATE, THE GREAT INDIAN EPIC POET SUDHAKAR GAIDHANI. 

Municipality Khapa City has opened a beautiful garden in two acres at Gaidhani’s birthplace in his name and the honour–“MAHAKAVI (Epic Poet) SUDHAKAR GAIDHANI GARDEN” in 2006. World Academy of Arts and Culture- USA/World Congress of Poets has conferred upon him The Honorary Degree of “DOCTOR OF

LITERATURE (Litt.D.) held in 2017 in Mongolia.


Honorary Doctorate

Cultural Conleam

From Latin American Confederation of Writers, Artists and Poets of the World-Objectives and Principles of the UNESCO Convention, PARIS, 20/10/2005-ARGENTINA Law 26305/2007 pact of San Jose de Costa Rica.

Works available in the several World Libraries including Library of Congress-Washington, USA