Sajjad Hassan Awad Al-Aqili: “A book is a life in the midst of life”

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Μετάφραση: Taghrid Bou Merhi

Sajjad Hassan Awad Al-Aqili, Iraqi writer and journalist, MA in Arabic language, writer, journalist, journalist. I have published research writings, including: – An educational book from a group of dialogue stories entitled (The Cloud of Aqir), about Dar Al-Muthaqaf in Baghdad. – A book written from a collection of short stories entitled (Radhab Sam) on Dar Diwan Al-Arab in Egypt. – Research participant in a scientific conference entitled: (Sibawayh’s grammatical opinions In explaining Al-Makudi on Alfiyyah Malik – An authoritative study). – A research participant in a scientific conference entitled: (The concept of the image between employment and Influence in the media discourse). – A research participant In a scientific conference entitled: (Referral and Its role In the poetry of Ibn Darraj Al-Qastly Al-Andalusi – The Poem of the Western Hashemites as a Model).

Literature in most countries, of course, moves at a slow pace. Literature moves In most countries, of course, at a slow pace, and the reason for that Is due to the deliberate negligence of the parties concerned with It and its development. Impurities What is meant by Impurities are extraneous matters to literature that have nothing to do with It, purifying it, elevating the good from It, presenting It for study and criticism, and raising the writer to the top he deserves, stressing him and his luminous thought. Writers must also provide assistance to young people who are interested in literature and literary writing, so that they guarantee the future of literature with young people who prepare them and teach them the rules of writing and choose the genres In which they are creative and proficient without others.

The Good and the Bad. Good and evil are oppositees that do not meet, but they are an important part of the parts of life. Without evil, none of us would know the good, and would not distinguish it at all. Evil, despite its badness, Is an existential necessity. As for writers, these two opposites are very necessary and all literary texts of all kinds are built on them, and are closely linked with them.

Who is winning In nowadays? The winner at the present time and In the future as well Is the one who immortalizes his name and writes It in the Important pages of books that will be history after a period of time, because everyone who lives and does not have a vision or a goal is a dead person who lives In order to complete some duties that cannot be abandoned. Therefore, I nominate and acknowledge that the creative writers who write professionally are the winners later on.

Tell us whhere Inspiration is coming  from  for you? Inspiration is the result of many permanent Ideas, and it may be the result of sad or joyful situations. The most important thing in all of this Is how the writer deals and how he expresses his thoughts, because everyone thinks, but few translate their ideas on paper, to transfer them to those concerned or others for a goal and a goal. Therefore, my inspiration comes after situations or after many Ideas, and my role begins In filtering, choosing and arranging, until I see the complete structure and the text is ready, as writers are engineers of letters. Even if they did not build a tall building.

Are the people read books or no? Many people read books on a daily or semI-daily basis, but there are different kinds of reading. Some people prefer to read paper books, and some of them prefer to read books in electronic form (pdf), but It is worth noting that people started a while ago to move away from reading books of both types, and the reason Is the concerns of life. The many that surround the individual on every side.

How many books have you written? I have two books, the first was printed In Baghdad – Iraq and it is titled: (Cloud of Aqir) on Dar Al-Muthaqaf for Printing and Publishing, and it Is a collection of dialogue stories. The book came with 17 dialogue stories, each of which discusses a social issue from the point of view of the writer. As for the second, It was printed in Cairo – Egypt, and It is entitled: (Radhab Sam) on Dar Diwan Al-Arab for Publishing and Distribution, and It is a collection of stories that came with more than 100 pages, including 6 short stories, dealing with real and imaginary stories, each of which discusses a different social problem. And I have a number of researches published In scientific journals In my specialty, the Arabic language – the language. Includeincludeing what participated In scientific conferences as well.

And where can we find your books? My first book (A barren cloud) Is available In Baghdad-Iraq, and it is also available on the Internet in pdf format, In a number of electronic libraries, and It is also available for free download and browsing. The second (Radhab Sam) is available in Cairo-Egypt and Iraq as well, and It has participated In a number of international book fairs, such as the Cairo exhibition, the Amman exhibition, the Baghdad exhibition, and the Tunis exhibition, and it Is available for sale on some sites on the World Wide Web.

Do you believe that our life, our  destiny  is written or we can change It? I believe that everything In life is our choice, and man will not be forced to do anything, because he has a choice and not a path, as the heavenly religions stipulate and stress a lot on the right of man to choose his destiny, and to choose what he is and how he Is. Therefore, a person cannot attribute his failure or failure to anyone, but he Is solely responsible for his actions and what happens to him and with him..

Religion is the cause of many wars- a lot of people they say that. What do you think? Religions are not a reason for wars. Man and misconception are the cause of wars. Man’s understanding of religious texts Is a motive for killing and excluding others, depriving them of their rights, and giving the right to himself or his religion, being the supportive and privileged group that Is excluded and that will get immortality in the afterlife that no one has seen. The direct reason for the existence, continuity and recurrence of wars, and if a person wants to live In peace – and this is the call of true religions – then he must believe In his religion properly and understand the purpose of the existence of his religion, so religions should not be spread by force and Individuals should not enter them by force, and no relIgion would allow bloodshed without reason Convincingly real, yet hated.

“Money brings happiness?” I believe that happiness cannot be bought with money, but It may meet and be a reason for happiness. Money at the present time is as Important as the soul In the body. Its presence means a decent life, Its abundance means prosperity, and Its absence means unhappiness or death. From this point of view, I say that there is a convergence between money and happiness, which money may create.

The book: A book Is a life In the midst of life. A person may lIve another life without dying and returning to life. Rather, all of this will be done through a book.

What will be the future? The future will be beautiful, just as we Imagine it, because life Is in continuous and permanent development, and everything in it is devoted to serving man, so the future will be beautiful and wonderful in whichh all people’s needs will be easily met.

What do you think about the year of  technology? Are we lost ourselves Inside the mobile phone, the computers… Yes, we have lost ourselves, especially this generation that witnessed the development and the emergence of smart phones and artificial intelligence in which we have become immersed. The development of technology is a beautiful and good thing, and it has a positive return for us, provided that we improve the use of technology and dedicate it to our service, and not dedicate ourselves to it. And I will go back to the beginning, and say we lost ourselves because the phones and computers were made with high professionalism, and were equipped with smart systems beyond imagination, so we see the characters and one of them has become a prisoner of his phone, he cannot leave it even for a few seconds, because – that is, the phone – is more concerned with the individual than his family cares about him, Focuses on every word you use, defends every idea you adopt, shows you confirmations of your idea, ads that support what you go to, and you see your phone is the most interested in your clothes if you want to buy new clothes. And so on. This is what I call “professional families.”

Environmental issues. Are the progress the technology and the humans are responsible for all this desaster? Humans are the first and last responsible for environmental issues, because if they think In one way or one way, they neglect the other side and way, and this Is what costs them the consequences of what they do. Total dependence on technology causes laziness In humans. And If humans do not care about environmental Issues themselves, then It is inevitable that they will deteriorate, and the only loser is us.

Why? I do not Imagine that we will ever look for a livable environment, as this Is horrific and frightening, for everything to be suffocating and unfit for survival.

A wish for 2023. I do not wish, but seek and obtain, so I hope to be accepted into the Ph.D. and obtain a Ph.D. In Philosophy of the Arabic Language.