Richard W. Spisak Jr.: “Fine literature is the product of sensitive souls and human compassion”

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Richard W. Spisak Jr.: Richards began his artistic life in the studio of Mel Tanner of Lumonics. Richard next performed with Doctor of Lumia, Kenvin Lyman of Dazzleland Studios. Richard published two short story collections, “Two Small Windows” and “Between the Silences.” In 2022 Richard published his first poetry, collection, “7370 Allen Drive”.  Richard’s current project, “Poets of the East,” a global literary project, is currently available online. His writing has appeared on radio, tv, and podcasts.

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. Literature will always prosper as long as human beings live and tell each other stories. Fine literature is the product of sensitive souls and human compassion. That’s why when computers are used to string phrases together, it may be paragraphs but it is not LITERATURE.

When u start writing? I began to take my writing seriously when as a twelve-year-old I was invited to take over as editor of my Junior High School Newspaper. I began with a survey for students to tell what changes they wanted at the school. It was explained to me they didn’t want a crusading editor they just wanted a writer and editor. I began writing poetry that same year and have continued writing prose poetry and comedy writing ever since.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? The rich and powerful have the economic power to return civilization to the fuedal era, Our economic system will continue to oppress people across the world. Those of us, who know history must do all we can to STAND for the Importance and sanctity of human life. We overthrew the monarchical system before, and we can overthrow modern “royalty” the “royalty” of economic power again.

How many books have you written? Three, (two) short story collections (Two small windows, in a pair of mirror doors) and (Between the silences) and one volume of poetry (7370 Allen Drive)  so far.

And where can we find your books? They are available through [  &

The book. E-book or Hardcover book. What will be the future? I believe there is a future for paper books, Many of us have a very special relationship with paper volumes. I understand and appreciate the many strengths and advantages of electronic books. But I suspect they will still exist for centuries to come. Their “batteries never fail, and although the pages can “weather” and get torn out, there is a romance that goes back to the dawn of papyruses.

A wish for 2023. A phrase from your book. “the use of social bonding to unite is great but even edges meet and act to attrac tthe surging urge to merge”