Rezauddin Stalin’s poem

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Return from Ashes, Rezauddin Stalin

When noon showers sunlight 
There is no movement in the tree leaves.
Crows cawing to convey anger
With feet, street dust burns.

Lava is gushing out with water
Air is full of gunpowder closer to eyes
Java is located at nearby  distance
Fearing sweat nerves become numb.

The house trembles with a little heat
One wonders, how much heat a bomb could produce.
How much temperature of fever of a child burnt in war,
How could it be measured of real lamentation

From glowing fire billowing dust of smoke 
Running water of rivers are like galloping horse,
The dreadful eyes of the Palestinians 
Are watching pair of blazing sun,

People of Syria and Ukraine,
Becoming bread of the frying pan,
Missiles are devouring all grief ,
A mother does not know her son’s whereabouts,

The heat keeps rising in Bangladesh,
Even more in China and Taiwan,
Millions of sisters suffer worldwide from losing their brothers,

People only know! Still they give birth to hopes,
Days will come with chill gush
Heartful love will bloom 
From ashes they will return to their homes.