Rezauddin Stalin: Questions Should be Asked

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Translated to English by Anwar Hossain  Manju

Questions should be asked

The slave has no right to ask question 

If you want to be independent 

Put the dress of questions on inconsistencies 

The right to know about the creator-birth-death

and even about the affairs of state, is innate

Do the clouds independently write their autobiographies

The fierce wind does not ask anyone

To plant a kiss on the lips of an attic 

Why does a river offer her offspring fish 

To the human being 

The racked sacks of grain keeping ears alert

On the yard of the custom department

Is he a progeny of a donkey. 

All animals have the right to ask question 

Even if it is a snake 

If you want, you can call the Creator 

You can love the stars by heart and 

make cakes with dust. 

You can sleep in the shade of the sun 

You can create a window in the south-west corner 

You should build the columns of house with thunder of question 

And you should take license of a firearm 

from the hailstorm 

So that you can open fire 

If you do not get an answer.