Poems by Yatti Sadeli from Indonesia

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

I looked at my face in the dark
Lost in a sad wail
Dancing between the uncertainties of the wheel of life
Anxious because months have turned into years

Now that night’s face wailed sadly
The drizzle continued to dissolve the twilight
Melting in the storm
When dusk returns to the embrace of night

I love you with a smile
In endless white clouds
sailing on the edge of dreams
In the blue sky or in the drizzle
that dissolves the twilight
Or in rainbow colors

Later, if the seasons really change
And the wind can no longer blow
inherit coolness
My eyes are wet with tears
I hope someday I can wash it again
before everything fails

And I
Still trying to keep running
Even though my legs are no longer able to stand
Avoid the shadow of your face that keeps following me
As if reluctant to pass and leave.

be the last memory of you
When I can’t have you anymore
And separation must occur
Like being played with by fate.

Yatti Sadeli’s Poetry


Dear, let me go
from the snare of frightening dreams
I’m afraid there will
be a story in the next sleep
Dear, what is the meaning of distance
which is infinitely far
If the expanse of the ocean blocks
And a ray of light covered in clouds
Dear, what’s next?
tomorrow we will meet
If the love that soars is still us
say in every prayer we pray
Dear, Please promise to meet me again
Even though our love sheet
It’s been so long
Dear, Is it just my mirage
Or fantasy which never ends… . ?
I hope not . . . . .
If the Sun has appeared
On the eastern horizon
Or a dancing rainbow adorning the sky
Dear, I’m worried about
my later days, the days when I
like a fallen leaf
carried by the wind
Flying don’t know where my dry will fall.
Feel it me….

BIOGRAPHY: My name is Yatti Sadeli from Indonesia. I started my career as a fiction and poetry writer in 1993. Written works: 15 novels, 42 novelettes, 45 short stories, 80 poems, 24 Story poems and 12 Haikus. Published in various domestic and foreign mass media. Won several writing competitions.Received several International literary awards.