Poems by Yang Geum-Hee

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Translation: Byeong Cheol Kang 

Poetess Yang Geum-Hee was born in 1967 in Jeju, Korea. She has published two collections of poetry books, “Happiness Account” and “Ieodo, Island of Legend and Existence”, as well as one collection of essays titled “Happy Companion”. She was the first president of the Ieodo Literature Association, the editor-in-chief of the Jejuin News, and worked as a research fellow at the Society of Ieodo Research. She served as a researcher at the Jeju Sea Grand Center at Jeju National University and a specially appointed professor at Jeju International University. Currently, she is an editorial writer for the New Jeju Ilbo, a special researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of Jeju National University, a vice-president of the Jeju Regional Committee of the Korean PEN Center, an Executive of the Jeju Institute for Korean Unification, and an Executive of the Korean Association of Ethics. She has won four literary awards.

Like your tears falling on my shoulders
-About the water cycle- By Yang, Geum-Hee

The Cheonjiyeon waterfall falling vertically,
Water droplets shattering in the midst of a waterstorm,
They don’t push each other away, but embrace each other.

Like a pledge that can never be undone,
In the gap of accelerating speed,
Even if the round waters torn and shattered on volcanic rocks,
It doesn’t spare its own body with countless curves.
The more it empties and becomes one, the faster it accelerates.

Even the shattered water with different time gaps
Gathers and becomes one under the waterfall.
Forgetting the fear that was falling, water flows to the ocean
Embracing each other without boundaries.

When the wind brings waves and overturns the seawater,
Water embraces each other to not fall apart.
From the ocean that the sun caresses, rising to the sky,
They hold onto each other, forming water droplets.

Clouds flowing and turning into raindrops,
Just like all love begins with tears,
When people feel the most difficult and lonely,
Like your tears falling on my shoulders,
Water droplets melt the temperature and refresh the earth

내 어깨에 떨구는 당신의 눈물처럼
– 물의 순환계에 대하여-

수직으로 낙하하는 천지연폭포
물보라 속으로 부서지는 물방울
밀어내지 않고 서로 그러안는다

영영 돌아올 수 없는 다짐인양
곤두박질치는 속도의 틈에서
둥근 물은 화산석에 찢기고 깨져도
무수한 곡선으로 제 몸을 아끼지 않는다
비우고 하나가 될수록 가속도가 붙는다

다른 시차를 두고 부서진 물도
폭포아래 고여 하나가 된다
물은 곤두박질치던 기억을 잊고
경계 없이 서로 안고 바다로 흘러간다

파도를 몰고온 바람이 바닷물을 뒤엎을 때
물은 떨어지지 않으려 서로를 안는다.
태양이 애무하는 바다에서 하늘로 오르다
서로를 붙들어 물방울을 이룬다

구름으로 흐르다 빗물 되어 내리는 물방울
사람이 가장 힘들고 외로울 때
모든 사랑이 눈물로 시작되었듯,
내 어깨에 떨구는 당신의 눈물처럼
물방울은 체온을 녹여 대지를 적셔준다.

Flight of the Ivy Leaf By Yang, Geum-Hee

The flock on the wall, bathed in the glow of sunset,
Dancing and fluttering with wings of crimson red.
On the rugged cliff, in their nest,
Proudly boasting their green wings in summer.

Thanks to the wall standing there,
Passion turned the sunlight even more radiant.
As if weaving fabric, the wings were attached to the wall,
Growing long for a single flight.
Unaware that it was to be their final flight,
They strengthened their wings amidst the storm.

Those birds,
Living within the realm of the wall,
Desire to fly further away.
Ivy leaves rising to a different world,
Softly fluttering towards the soil,
Meeting the apex of life through an ecstatic flight.

담쟁이 잎의 비행


노을에 물든 벽의 새떼
붉게 물든 날개 파르르 떨며 춤을 추네
깎아지른 절벽 위 둥지에서
여름날 초록 날개 자랑스레 흔들었지

그곳에 벽이 있기에
푸른 열정이 햇살을 더욱 빛나고
직물을 짜듯이 날개를 벽에 붙들고
한 번의 비행을 위해 자랐네
그것이 마지막 비행인 줄도 모른 채
비바람 속에서 힘살을 키웠지

저 새떼는
벽의 세계에서 살다가
좀 더 멀리멀리 날고파
다른 세상으로 차오르는 담쟁이 잎새
흙을 향하여 사뿐사뿐
황홀한 비행으로 생의 정점을 맞는다

A day in the spring rain
By Geum-Hee Yang

In the April spring day,
rain falls like a loved one coming.
Pansy flowers bought at the flower market last winter
planted in a flower bed,
getting soaked in the unfamiliar sky.

I crouch down and sit,
without an umbrella, next to the flowers.
I try to become a flower, getting wet in the spring rain.

Suddenly, the thought occurs to me
that this moment, getting wet in the rain with the flowers,
could be the last.
I feel like I can endure getting wet in the rain
without using an umbrella.
Why do we become more forgiving
in the face of the word ‘last’

As raindrops bounce off yellow petals,
the flower petals shake themselves
like a sparrow taking a bath in a puddle.
A flower-shaped sun rises above the green world
Those flowers truly know that
nothing is eternal in this world.
In every moment, without pause,
they express beauty and fragrance.

봄비를 맞는 날

4월의 봄날,
님 오시듯 비가 내린다
지난겨울 꽃시장에서 사다
화단에 심은 팬지꽃 
낯선 하늘에서 비를 맞는다

자세를 낮춰 쪼그리고
우산 없이 꽃들 곁에 앉아본다
봄비에 젖는 꽃이 되어본다
문득, 꽃과 함께 비에 젖는 
지금, 이 순간이  
마지막일지도 모른다는 생각에
우산을 쓰지 않고
비 맞을 만하다는 생각이 든다
마지막이란 말 앞에서는 
왜 너그러워지는 걸까

노란 꽃잎 위로 빗방울 튕기자
참새가 물웅덩이에서 목욕하듯
몸을 흔들어대는 꽃잎들
초록 세상 위에 꽃태양이 떴다
이 세상에 영원한 건 없다는 걸
온몸으로 아는 것 같다
한순간도 쉼 없이
아름다움과 향기를 표현하고 있다.