Poems by Tasneem Hossain

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Tasneem Hossain, majoring in English Language and Literature is a multi-lingual poet from Bangladesh. She writes poems in English, Urdu and Bengali. She is also a columnist, fiction and op-ed writer, translator, educator and trainer.

Her impactful writings appear frequently in esteemed publications worldwide like: Human Rights Art Movement, Southern Arizona Press, MockingOwl Roost, Setu, Pen magazine, Valiant Scribe, Prodigy Magazine (USA), Borderless Journal (Singapore), Discover Mississauga and More-eBook, Mindtalkers (Canada), Dark Thirty Poetry Publishing, Krishnochura (UK), PolisMagazino, Homo Universal (Greece), Borderless Journal (Singapore) Worvid and Homagi International Magazines (Indonesia), INNSÆI Journal, Cultural Reverence, MicroPoetry Cosmos, The Fatehpur Resolution, TAAHIRA E- ZINE, Khwahish (India), Sindh Courier (Pakistan), Orfeu.al (Kosovo), Alessandria Today (Italy), Atunis Galaxy Poetry (Belgium), Gazeta Destinacioni (Albania), EDAS Chronicle, The Dhaka Literature, An Ekushey Anthology, Dhaka Prokash 24.com, bdnews24.com, The Daily Star, The Business Standard, Asian Age Online, Daily Observer (Bangladesh).

She is an author of three poetry books: ‘Grass in Green,’ ’The Pearl Necklace,’ ‘Floating Feathers’ and a book of articles ‘Split and Splice’. Four more books are underway.

Poetry, to her, is music through words; an ever-flowing river reflecting all that surrounds us. As an author, she tries to spread message of love, hope, mercy and create an awareness of social responsibilities and human rights.

She worked as faculty of English Language in CUET. She is the director of a prominent human resource development organisation Continuing Education Centre (Bangladesh) and Cansaz Services and Distribution LLC (Canada). She has 27 years of experience as a professional trainer. She runs an international poetry writing project and group named Life in Lyrics. A sportswoman, she also worked as newscaster, commentary reader and radio presenter in radio Bangladesh for 10 years and directed dramas like Shakespeare’s, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. 


That lovely glow, beautiful you;

Shines through love inside you;

Smile so sweet with kindness,

In your heart in fairness;

Ray of sunshine, warm and kind,

Bright to be with, in delight;

Gratitude and compassion,

Bring positive passions;

Sparks off humility and respectfulness,

Loyalty and integrity sprout happiness;

Love and care multiplies many folds,

Sharing and caring, happiness grows.

Automatic Door

All day I open and close,

Not a single moment goes by,

Without someone nearby;

I keep watch all the time,

Automatic door is written as a sign.

I cannot rest until it is midnight,

Sometimes awake day and night.

Some days I see faces known, sometimes unknown.

Old, young, children, men or women in my zone;

Tall, short, fat, slim, dark, fair many perspectives,

Dresses different colors and size, loaded with perfumes so bright;

Laughing, talking shouting whatever they please;

As I welcome, my arms open without any groan,

Nothing to them matters, let alone some gratitude shown;

All day goes, trampling me with their toes.

Standing alone, I guard without flinching for my woes;

None having for me any remorse,

Trampled I moan but with no discourse;

Be my guest but please be gentle, if you may.

Really hurts when feet crush me all day.

No one bothers, only the cleaners every day;

Bathe me in water and polish, till I shine with spray.

Tired Sometimes, I cannot open or close.

‘Needs some repair,’ mechanics diagnose.

Mentally prepared I have to stay;

Nails and hammer go piercing my body, I ache.

Sometimes they fix or just throw me away;

Sometimes in garage, cut into pieces for a little pay.

Scattered body in a room or chalet,

Reward I get for my service while on display;

My life ends with broken bones;

Serving travelers through time and space, I stand alone.