Poems by Tamali Neogi

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Blue Tears

Let me not forget the blue tears of my nagging mother

My father,
an endless generosity; unmeasured are his blue feelings for all underneath

Am the vocalist, the courier of their dreams

In thousand eyes of my landladies, I see, in gloom and glee

The same bubbles of  fantasy
Nameless beauties, sweet fragrances pining for love and care

Gracefully turning heads to firm,
green gentlemen, unmindful are the rocky lovers, cold and stiff

Granny through the holes of her muddy blanket sees the whole

Black bee, the vocalist knows the dreams of all
In this grand opera,
the dream children are playing their roles

Listen to my monotonous singing, me,
the black corollary of human wishes, intervening…


You were frozen for centuries until you opened your eyes to my dark shades

Water drips from your hair like tiny droplets from a child’s nose and lips

Once mother kisses him,
a fossil came back to life

I, princess cloud over the mountain,
you my only lover mad
in ecstasy

Waited a whole life to touch your soul mate.

My naked beauty

simple, slim, silvery Alakananda, made a beast of you

Nettled by dark undercurrent of passion,
you spent hundred years by my side

Unquenchable was thy thirst

Wanton nymphs riding the waves drench your limbs in blue ardor

I needed you, you needed me the woman, came to you

I am your queen and you have not understood it
for ages my dear king

Now I know you will know the truth that

You are me and I am you.

Tamali Neogi