Poems by Tamali Neogi

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

For the Flooded Eyes

Discriminated against, from birth,

The trail of muddy disadvantages across the travelled path, makes one rebellious.

Efforts make everything possible, there’s Kahlo, Keller, Glennie, the list is long,

Is it so why in prayers He is called utmost kindness, peace and love?

Penguin fails to run like Kangaroo, certainly has compensations,

One jealous of the other, knows not his tribulations.

Yet success is meaningless.

Broken spines, diseased minds, crippled, uprooted, hungry mob,

For the flooded eyes, for reasons unknown, to have faith in Him, is the theorem lasting long.

The crow, barricaded from our love, perhaps didn’t score high in previous birth,

What must be discarded is the power to think and understand.

Singing His praise, spending days in inaction,

Who goes near Him, the loving Fakir or a man of fruitful action?

There lost in crisis, the body approaches the other lying on the table,

Here the beggar woman gobbles up the morsel as soon as she receives.

What was not clear in daylight, is visible in the darkness of the morgue,

Perhaps life is all about accepting as it comes.

Preserve Me as Wine Ancient

Hide me in you as moon its shame or ring the poison,
Preserve me as wine, ancient,
Petrified wood, let me grow within you.
A humming bird to an eagle,
Have seen the script of a dream journey on the screen of your eyes.
Much awaited is my first appearance!
Does she look brighter after each eclipse?  I think,
Will fall off the nest cliff, the day your body will be on fire.
Yet spreading my wings over you, will embrace you tightly, the honeymoon hug,
Be the urn to store your ashes, our first union;  won’t you appreciate my fiery glow, in purple wedding gown?
No permission required anymore, to declare me as your own,
Under His surveillance,
Let us meet for the first time, in the cold valley of death.