Poems by Tamali Neogi

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


Me, the eternal nurse of mad lovers, will take you to my bosom, when

Marooned in the crowded lane of yearcase

Stamina fails, nerves disordered, yet love of life goes berserk

Past, half-forgotten desires coalesce into a deep longing for a loving face, half-remembered

You come to me,

Wet kisses and tears will sponge the body, in the nights of high fever

Half a spoon of payassam on your ninetieth, half licked by me from the corner of your lips

Am your Paro,
married to odds, waiting in the guest room

Enter softly,
Come to the southeast corner of my mind

Vacant eyes staring at the bed prepared for…!


She and her ordinaries moved from shrine to shrine

Advised, taught, utilized, hundred square feet of dark cloud lost the way

Dried tears are not dried petals, uglier as self-pity arose

Yet the eyes flow though the heart resolute

Shelters the seed, hand holds the pen, head awake after a long sleep

Broken structures, immature images fight for recognition

He understands the pain; untrained are the sea waves,

Do they tread upon petals to meet the shore?
What is pure is raw

She is going to meet her lover, big, heavy, dark

Are you there?
If not, with her uncouth rhymes she will walk into the moon.

Tamali Neogi