Poems by Sayeeda Sharmin

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Invisible Whip

Author/Poet: Sayeeda Sharmin

O mankind,

I am a tree, I have one life

I also tolerate,  when someone

makes us cry, cuts us, smash us,

twists us;

We have given you our lives,

Have you not have any respect for us?

You will have no illusions for us,

But you live because we give you oxygen.

And you! What are you doing with our lives?

Cities after cities

Villages after villages,

Forests after forests

We give you and in return,

You are destroying us.

O mankind,

can you not hear any of our cries

How many requests

And  please we have asked

Nothing goes to your ears?

My friends Mahogany and pine trees

Are crying as you tear them away.

Oh man kind,

we have been together for

Years after years.

That day a group of people came with a device like a monster,

They had no hearts no emotions

As they ripped us apart

My friends were brutally killed and cut into pieces and yet remained silent.

They sold themselves quietly,

That day I saw the screams and suffering of my brother,

After some time he took those

Green leaves and branches.

He was laying on the ground

Holding onto so much pain

And no one came to him that day.

That day’s tears did not touch their hearts.

Oh mankind,

Have you forgotten ;

About the great Jagdis Chandra Bose

A scientist of a Bangladesh.

Had first shown the world the remorse

And pain of trees,

He proved the world that even a tree

Have a life, feelings, emotions.

And most importantly the true love of them.

O mankind,

We have not harmed you, but why so much oppression

We grow various flowers and fruits for you

In the hot sun, I give you the shade of peace, And the soft cool breeze;

How much more do we decorate the nature?

Have you ever heard our invisible whip

Yet you have been brutally destroying us;

Have you not once thought

If you kill our existence ,

Then, one day you will be gone too.

Copyright by: Sayeeda Sharmin

A web of thoughts

Author/ Poet: Sayeeda Sharmin

In the invisible world, I look for memories of imagination

There is no pretentiousness, a call for unwavering hope

You are the bright color strong in the intensity of consciousness

Rare and obscure today are the glorious achievements of art

Embed it in your heart and mix it with poetry

There is no relaxation, your hands are full of peace

This soul laughs at the spell of the east wind

Don’t stay in the festive current

A web of thoughts in a storm without cause and explosion,

Accumulated vapors smell sour

In doubt and determination, you have blown away tomorrow,

You gave signal source dhrupadi and call for thought;

At the invitation of Chaitali contagious this mind cries,

You must have cried and said that empress.

Copyright by: Sayeeda Sharmin

Peace, Equality & Humanity

Author/Poet: Sayeeda Sharmin  (Canada)

Today we have lost,

All our humanity and peace.

From amongst us,

Bloodshed everywhere.

Like a river full of thirst,

Little children are screaming,

With intense cries,

Ahhhhh *sigh*

What a trouble  these children

Are facing today,

Where is the humanity ?

Where did we lose the humanity?

The smell of the gunpowder,

Have bestowed around the air.

The cities are filled with ashes,

And smokes escaping to the skies;

We have lost our humanity,

Even animal cruelty has been defeated,

Where is humanity today?

We see more bullets of dead bodies on the streets,

Like autumn leaves fallen on the ground,

Vultures like humans have torn humanity apart today.

Raise your voice! Raise your voice!

Don’t let these vultures take away our peace,

Don’t let these vultures take away our rights.

All the motherly hearts of the world are crying.

Even the sky around them is mourning.

The world is filled with the smell of corpses,

Raise your voice, raise your voice,

Spread the echo of liberation,

Break through the mountain of corruption,

Lets bring back the humanity amongst us

Lets build a beautiful life of

Peace & equality

And spread the humanity

Through the knowledge of wisdom

Between us.

Copyright: by Author/Poet Sayeeda Sharmin

Biography Of Author Sayeeda Sharmin

Sayeeda Sharmin is a bilingual Canadian Author, Poet, singer reciter and a Translator who has published several poetry and novel books. She was Born 9th November in Bangladesh. Her first book was published in 1995. Since childhood Sharmin has been reciting poetry on many occasions. She enjoys expressing and crafting the world issues through her poetry. She also goes by the nickname Ruma. She has been involved in literature since a noticeably young age. Poet Sayeeda Sharmin is an internationally recognized for her writing and reciting poetry since from many years. In addition to poetry, she wrote a lot of stories, novels, features, lyrics from at an incredibly young age. She has published several books, novels, storybooks and features in news and magazines.

When Sharmin was in grade 11, she was the editor of a magazine called “Jagriti” and they were paper magazine and wall magazine. As a child, she was the main leader for one of the childrens’ association, and she has been always given leadership to the Girl’s Guide in school life. Sharmin has received so many awards since childhood for various activities such as; writing, reciting poetry, singing, painting, sports and in education. She received so many International awards from so many others countries.  She received many acknowledgements from the Government of Canada for her efforts and excellency of her poetry, literature and providing services to her community.

Sharmin’s mother and father both came from a prominent Sufi family. She grew up in a family where both of her parents were-known authors. She has one sister and two brothers. Sharmin’s sister and one of her younger brother are both scientists and her youngest brother is a doctor.

Through Sharmin’s poetry there are various metaphors used in her poems, although they are very high in terms of philosophy and emotion. Some of her books you can find on Amazon, Barnes & Nobels, Indigo, Rokomari,  (Bangladesh), Bangla Bazar (Bangladesh). Many of her Bangla books were published in Bangladesh, thus they can be purchased in Bangladesh which are not listed on Amazon.

Sharmin always had the thrive to help others and build a strong community for a better future. She is the Founder and President of “Angeena International Non-Profit Organization.” She received excellence award and recognition for social activist from the Canadian Government along with a letter from the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

In 2017, an organization “ Canada Sinfonietta” invited Sharmin to perform her own poetry and a song to celebrate 150 years of Canada. At a very young age Sharmin was a listed singer for Bangladesh Betar (Radio), where she used to perform various songs. She received few awards singing, poetry recitation from “Shishu Academy”, “Shilpkola Academy” in Bangladesh and many others. In 2009, Sharmin’s poetry book “Josnay Camouflage” had the inaugurated at Dhaka National Press Club, Bangladesh. Many famous authors and reporters were at the inauguration to celebrate and wish Sharmin.

In 2010, Sharmin received an Honourable Award for her excellency in poetry in Bangladesh. Sharmin’s poetry books were translated in many different languages English, Bangla , Spanish, French, Italy. Sharmin’s poetry also translated different different languages , English, Bangla, French, Italy, Spanish , Arabic, Hindi, Tamil,  Korean, Urdu etc.

In 2022, Sharmin has published a Bengali Sonnet book from Bangladesh publisher name Mizan Publisher. Sharmin’s sonnet book According to research Sharmin is the first female writer who  publish a sonnet book in Bangladesh and may be the second author to publish a sonnet book in Bangladesh after Honourable Michael Madhusudan Dutt. Sharmin wrote her sonnet in the style of Michael Madhusudan poetry and the name of her sonnet book is called “Koshtter Kashida” in the language of Bangla. She published 27 books but notable among the books of poetry are in Bangla language “Jochonay Camouflage”, “Megher Mridonge”, “Antarer Antarale”, Sonnet book-“Koshtter  Kashida”, for children poetry book— “Chotoder Chora KabitarAdda”, Golp—“Payel Er Neel Kostto”, Novel— “Mau Erto Kono Aprath Chilona”, Lyrics— “Bangla Ganer Lyrics”. Notable among the English books are –  “The Collection of Darood Sharif “, “Frozen Paine”,  “The Biography Of The Majestic Women.”