Poems by Rozalia Aleksandrova

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Rozalia Aleksandrova lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Author of 11 poetry books. Editor and compiler of over 30 literary almanacs, collections. Initiator and organizer of the International Festival of Poetry “Spirituality Without Borders” from 2015.
She is one of the winners of the prestigious CESAR VALLEJO Prize for Literature – 2022. Winner of the MAHATMA GANDHI Leadership Award 2022; International Outstanding Poet Award of CHINESE LITERATURE FESTIVAL – 2022 – Hubei`s Provincial Literature Federation and others.

to the Top I lost you,
oh, Voice of Lotus.
And I had to do it again
to paddle in the mud.
To rediscover the meaning.
And the answer.
And I see you,
effulgent and powerful.
You have been enticing me
for centuries.
For which time?
For which time?
Harmony in me calls.

lunar announcement.
And a fiery ray in the ashes.
In which difficult questions
about the world are awakened.
My soul is a body with Love.
Trust inexpressible.
With myself. And always alone.
Unlock room songs and lips.
They said more than one destiny.
They forgave more than one life.
I love you! And I worship you, Soul.
My heaven. And a bright call.

In the sea Heaven
starts with the waves.
And their jump
to take over space.
And in an instant they merge
in the mythical lightning bolts.
And then they touch the shore.
At dawn. The sea attracts
with a huge womb.
And if you dare to go into it,
there is no return.
Elements repel
Loved ones.
And you,
forever water,
you accept the prison.

Questions fly
over the mise-en-scène.
And time followed.
The invisible judge takes us over.
And every word falls
to the earth dust.
From the weight
the seconds move.
By the power of any inspiration.
Man, be this,
which you moved.
Divine Universe.
And a loving predecessor.

©Rozalia Aleksandrova