Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Rajashree Mohapatra: Born in Odisha in India has received her masters degree in History and ‘Journalism  and  Mass Communication’ from Utkal University,  Odisha. She is a teacher by profession. Being a post graduate in Environmental Education and Industrial Waste Management from Sambalpur University Odisha, she has  devoted herself as a Social Activist for the cause of social justice, Environmental issues  and human rights  in remote areas  through Non-governmental organisations. Poetry, Painting and Journalism are her passions

Never Ending  Perplexity

When a morning dawns on her face
The day shines in it’s myriad shade
Love is played , wind gives it a rhythm
And the eyebrows are left raised

A ladybug unfolds it’s wings
Listening to the sound of heartbeats
Her desires turn into butterflies
Wearing the colours of the sky

A whisper starts radiating in the air
Dear , please do remember
Colours of love in the master painter’s brush
Never fade yet perplex much.

This is all about poetry
Where love is deeply engraved
It may rise and fall like tidal waves
But will  never come to an end

Rajashree Mohapatra
Bhubaneswar( Odisha) India

In Your Silence

In your silence
I get in tuned with the music of life
Fragrance of love spread around me
I feel like the season changing
When I see myself in your eyes

Once in a while a bird starts singing
When ever your eyes meet mine
New tunes are composed in my mind
Like the sky you encompass me

Something is there in you
That makes me feel high
You weave a love web in my heart
At the tiniest of your smile !

I have no other choice
Than to look at you with wonder
I am the receptive
Your vibes touch my heart

Oh lovable eyes !
You are my life
My heart is pinned to the blue sky
That appears in your silent eyes…

Rajashree Mohapatra
Bhubaneswar Odisha India


Autumn’s rain
Sings with rhythms of grace
While a deep silence reigns
In the temple steps
And a Mapple tree stands
Undraped amidst all madness
Yet fading memories of youth
I refuse to forget

Autumn fails to appreciate me
Allows the dry leaves to
Sweep in the wild winds
And fall on the whitish snow bed
With book marks
Where shadows whisper your name
Announcing love not to be 
Like a migratory crane

You prefer to preserve love
Out of sight in a sacred touch
That sings the pious verses
Of the devine soul.
Myths teach
Fate governs when the deeds wilt
Yet instead
Love ,anger, hope and fear
Fade to glow

Is it then to contradict
The universal dictum?
Yet in a state of confusion
I am still trying,
But it’s really hard to forget
The adoring youth
Even though I see
The lonely moon sinks down
The tangled mountains…

Rajashree Mohapatra
Bhubaneswar Odisha India