Poems by Rahim Karim Karimov

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


I returned again to the big waters,
But before we return to the Pacific Ocean,
I looked farewell into my father’s pond,
Like that “Ugly duckling” from Andersen’s fairy tale.

But my native pool did not recognize me,
Or they pretended that they didn’t recognize me.
How could I fit into shallow waters,
After the waves of the Indian Ocean?

And so, I returned to you, my whale friends,
My ship-poets, I am among you again.
Accept me as your own brother,
And wish me good sailing!

Don’t remember it badly, my dear ones…


We are all poets of the same blood!
You and I!

I’m lonely without you
All over the world.

Be my brothers, sisters,
Be my united people!

We are poets, people of the same blood!


I am the poet of the people
who accept me,
I am a poet of the people
who appreciate my poetry.

I am the poet of the people
who are proud of me,
I am a poet of the people
who consider themselves humane.


I have dedicated my whole life to creating the ideal image of a person,
But whether you want to become one or not is your business.
To be good or bad is your right.
Because it is your spirit, your business.

Because it’s your brain, your heart,
And it’s not for me, but for you, to answer…
How am I supposed to answer for myself…
And I have to answer for myself…

I don’t know how I managed to create the image of an ideal person?


This month my first son was born,
This month I became a father for the first time.
This month I became for the first time a real Adam,
This month I felt love for my son for the first time.

This month I became a real man
Ready to defend the honor of the family and children.
This month I began to love my Motherland even more,
In which my offspring began to breathe.

This month I began to love the World more and more,
In which my tiny boy breathes.
This month I began to love God more and more,
Who gave me a child!!!

This month…

Rahim KARIM.