Poems by Pro. Dr. Phung Dac Cam from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Translated to English by Khanh Phuong

About the author: Pro. Dr. Phung Dac Cam

Born in 1943. He is a leading expert in clinical microbiology in Vietnam.

He is the author of dozens of specialized books and nearly 100 articles in European and American scientific journals.

He is a dedicated Scientist and Teacher who is extremely passionate about his profession. He has always been the exemplary teacher admired by generations of students. Alongside hundreds of scientific articles and numerous valuable research projects in the international arena, there are poems full of emotion and lyricism from his early twenties.

His poems:

The rain

The falling rain was not sad

For it washed away the dust of the living world

I bathed in that fresh rain

You came back like the wind

Drying my skin and body

The rain kept falling and the wind kept still blowing

I slept in a peaceful dream

Believing that tomorrow would bring a new dawn

Tomorrow would indeed come

And I hoped for the rain

To shake off all the sadness of war

to cherish your mild wind, my dear!”

Talking to myself

Abundant knowledge, subliminal science

How can I attain all with such low intelligence and talent

Today success arises from many failures

From the sweat and blood of friends

I’m just the country man


Drivan by passion

In the middle of a deep, dense forest.

On the occasion of being appointed Professor in October 2004

Back to the old place

I brought you back to the old place

It’s been 18 years

Returning today

The road still green under the light yellow sunshine

Guiding us to where we once lived

Here stands the familiar school, holding many memories

Still the same quiet brown color

The gravel road crunches beneath our feet

Lined by a cool green row of poplar trees

The houses display their seven colors

Taking us back to the peaceful past

With the undulating church in the distance

Amidst the bustling central market

Cups of coffee beckon on summer days

Underneath Huddinge hospital bridge

I led you to the bus station

Bound for Masmos

From the water tower path

To the yellowish grass beyond

In the busy central market

Cups of coffee are enjoyed on summer days,

Under Huddinge hospital bridge

I escorted you to the bus station

Headed for Masmos

From the water tower path

To the yellowish grass

On both sides, there are fairy-tale green forests

Through which we walked in the old days

Looking back today

Time seems cruel

Yet the old place welcomes us back with excitement

Like children returning to their hometown

The indescribable feeling

Flemmingberg June 2008