Poems by Phan Hoang from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

About the author: Phan Hoang was born on October 10th, 1967 in Phu Yen, a central coastal province of Vietnam.
Being a journalist, a poet. A teacher of creative writing.
Former Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Writers’ Association, Chairman of Poetry Council of Vietnam Writers’ Association (2015-2020).
Currently member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Writers’ Association, Editor in chief of Vanvn.vn – The voice of Vietnam Writers’ Association.
Published 15 books, including 4 volumes of poems and epics; Won many literary and press awards.

Drinking the shadow
I sat down and drank the shadow
The night chased away the thought of making a poor living
Each bone sounded crunchy of the fire forest

I sat down and drank the shadow
Listened to the rain at night, choked sobbing
The thunder sound seemed angrily

I sat down and drank the shadow
Turned each page of the ancient bibliography at night
Too cold sword cut for the hidden wound

How many dynasties have gone
The lying cold soul of word
The graves faded away
The benevolent grass could save us?
(October, 10th 2002)

The word market
Tried to throw letters horizontal vertical
Bird stock hunting
Sold weed shares
Limited liability person shared
Auction poetry came to life

Who invested in a close relationship shares
Volunteered literature with soulmate joint venture
The word market ebb and flow

Word market

Word market

Word market

Many nights rested my head on piles of books
Listened to the empty heart
(February, 2nd 2002)

In the midst of steam and cold clouds
I heard whispers
The sound between pleasure and fertilization

In the midst of thunder and rain
I heard whispers
The sound between labor and birth

In the midst of low pressure and storm
I heard whispers
The sound between moribund and deaths

Whispered endless symphony
The circulation through the oceans of the human’s life wandered around
Sailed my sails floating in the sad ocean
Felt so hurt for the horizon with the crippled thought
Poem anchored in tears
October, 10th 2004