Poems by NGUYỄN XUÂN VIỆT from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Colonel, Poet Nguyen Xuan Viet was born 1954 in Nghe An.
He graduated from Cryptographic Engineering, Bachelor of Politics.
He is currently a member of the Ha Noi Writers Association. He has composed and published 3 poetry collections including “To Remember a Time”, “Love Poetry” and “Remember Eyes”.
More than 40 poems of Poet Nguyen Xuan Viet had been composed into songs and being performed and broadcasted widely on central and local television stations; Many poems, articles published in newspapers and magazines…


Our country
of wars passing
with endless pain
We bring with us the love and appreciation
from every part of the world
Our country at heart …

Mother takes care of us, every single meal
Her heavy shoulders “through mist and sun”
Our country teaches us the first letter of the alphabet
So we can read our name in Vietnamese

When our country call. We start the journey
For us to know what we need to know
Our country would open arms
to welcome us back …

From deep in our heart
Border with the shape of an S
Every inch of mountains and rivers, the steel ramparts
The protection for our people

And there they are
Those who fulfill our country
From Hoang Sa and Truong Sa
Sky and sea connected
Co Lin, Len Dao, Gac Ma
Fallen heros
Sovereignty seeping into our sacred land!

Our country
Our home town, our land
Follow us all the way along the border
Where we stand, green countryside
and through days and nights, our mother’s lullaby

On our head, five flying stars
Oh country, thosand times I love
Our country. A magnificent epic
Forever echoed in the hearts of our border guards.


Visit Central Highlands in May
Sun rays in the shape of flowers
In the middle of endlessness
Piles of white clouds floating

Basalt red land all over
Grass and trees, flowers and leaves
Scent of spreading forest
Linger into our soul

Visit Central Highlands this season
The rain is like music
Sipping a cup of coffee
Soaking up gentle drizzles

Empty glass without drunk
By the fire it crackling
Gongs’ dancing and singing
Stars happily sparkling

Now I start wobbling
How to get back home
Her eyes are attractive
Or the wine lulls me!


Many times I stare into vastness
Into the air, at depth of a quiet night
At my love. So endless of life
To search for a fragile drop of light

You keep to yourself the cold of winter
In the middle of hot day you walk
through a bumpy narrow road
To search for my heartbeat!

Then get lost in the sea of gentle love
Swimming in there passionately
Waves crashing crashing in a way
Every night, every night think of me

Sometimes the dark you walk in wonder
Listening to cricket and feeling so sad
Twilight and dawn you toss and turn
Surrounding you are the deep black night

Then day and another usual day passing
Quiet sunset you wait for me
Lakeside cafe the afternoon we date
The breeze blowing remind us of love

When we are apart, oh how much we miss
Every time we see the hugs the kisses
The afternoon sun pouring its yellow rays
Spreading sadness along the path you go…


We are back to Thuong River
In the morning, the breeze it cold
Sun shining on the bank of grass
Dear Thuong. A wharf waiting

Who gave your name, Thuong
Forever the bank would miss
For those come and go
Lots of feelings for this river

I know love life can be sad
When apart our eyes are read
River flowing hesitantly
Divided the river into two

The old story forever here
River bottom heavily deep
Carrying us without end
Clear or not, it’s our river!

Tomorrow I have to go
Thinking a lot its banks
A love story full of grace
Marking for life, it flows

(Translated into English by Vo Nhu Mai)