Poems by Milka Minkova

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Upon recommendation of Jasna Gugić

Biography: Milka Minkova poet and writer. She writes poetry and prose for children and adults. Her first book, Poetry for Children “Braid of Strands” received the RABINDRANAT Tagore Award 2021. The same award for overall creativity in 2022 received the same award from “Motivational Ribbons” and in 2023 it was again decorated with the same award again for overall creativity, for promoting peace and well-being among the peoples of the world.
He is a top collaborator in several global groups.
Own independent books of poetry, numerous anthologies by several authors. Independent collections: “Braid of strands” 2019 out of print.. The others are not out of print yet, although they were awarded second prize at the international competition of Data Pesnopoj – Bitola, Macedonia.
These are: “Stories for children”,
“LONGING”, “My sweet prima donna”, “Love and sadness”, “Zlatka and the bees”, “Krpach”, “Love through the prism of life,
Anthologies: “And men cry”, “My street”, “Mother Teresa”, 3 books, “Creative Waves”, “POEMS” 2020,2021,2022,2023″, “Snow poems”, “Pensioners create” 2021, 2022, “Poetic Markukule, 2022-2023,” Symphony of the heart.
“Bridges of friendship”, In the eyes of Lina and Ilina”, “Hyperpoem” which enters the Guinness Book of Records, “Children’s dreams”, “My Kavadsrtci” – Collection of literary works, Love for all” and others. In World Anthologies.
An award for her creativity and spreading peace throughout the world through love given by India on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of independence and independence of India.
Numerous other awards, certificates, diplomas.
A great opus through the written word.
Senior Elder for Macedonia in GWWC,
And many other recognitions..!
Her groups “Poetry and prose of Milka Minkova”
“page “Poetry of Milka Minkova”
“Poetry and prose for children and young people”

DEW DROPS Milka Minkova

Dew drops
I hold in the palm of my hand
let me drink you
to wash your eyes
good to see
to see the character
who longs for you
the character he wounds
deep leaves,
like a wounded bird
without wings.
But love
knows how to forgive
if you ask, forgiveness.
And you close your eyes,
he erased my face,
love silences her.
Grieving quietly,
alone lonely
and longing for you.
Dew drops
I hold in my hands
to wash your eyes
to feed you with love
open your eyes
you see the face of love,
ask for forgiveness
be forgiven
wounds to heal,
soul not print,
To heal love
love with love
let’s merge
with love ones
dew drops
let’s go
forever with her
we survive.


From your gaze, light shone,
smile on your face
like a love song he sang through it.
You knew that you would lure me!
And I, naive, carried away by the light,
from the smile, the soul warmed,
I fell into that trap.
And what have I become?
A bird trapped in a cage,
a fish, on land that opens its mouth without a voice.
Why did I close my eyes,
why did i succumb to the glow
why from the smile,
I heard a love song.
There was nothing of it,
I didn’t see heaven
but the hell in which I was drowning.
The soul cold stiff,
eager for love
no love left.
Dark years passed,
but they also left,
i broke free from that cage
like a bird free,
like a fish that swims through the water again.
I flew and swam, searching
love, tenderness,
looking for the right one.
I was no longer young, naive.
I opened my eyes,
in another I found the shine,
light and heat.
Love from the heart given,
taken from the heart.
I found the paradise of love
again light flashed,
the soul is relieved,
come out of hell
to live again!

ROSE AND PETAL Milka Minkova

I was your rose
the most beautiful
the most fragrant.
I was your rose
fast knit.
He loved me like that
with my virtues
and flaws.
Sometimes and
dew drops
they fell on you
you collected them
in kisses
he comforted me with them.
You were,
my petal
the most beautiful
fragile, yet strong.
Your strength
was not in the strength,
was at mercy
filled with love.
It was my petal,
support protective,
love endless
eternal love.
I’m a rose, you’re a petal,
showered with love,
we decorated each one
we renewed our love,
we exalted
to remain as an eternal memory,
of existence
of that love.
The love of