Poems by Melita Ratković

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Infinite love

Beloved star of the constellation, sacred secret of love, alpha and omega, universal molecule of the universal,
an inseparable whole, ying and yang

The soul of communicating in the language of symbols, you are me, I am you. We vibrate at the same frequency, eternal, immortal,

freed from fear, time, years,
dying. Everything we are, we have already been. When the universe unites, no one separates.

We are drops of the ocean, star particles, omnipresent energy evolution of spiritual growth
knowledge, the Self.

©️ Melita Ratković


My religion is love
the body is a temple, a refuge.
The eyes are the windows of the soul.
I learned to love myself,
not for selfish reasons,

but that I could
receive and give love.
I take the mask off my face,
heavy excess makeup.

It’s me, one of the beings
of the Universe and Mother Gaya.
Vibrating, immortal energy in a mortal body.
There is no cage to contain the spirit,
nor a solution to a problem without an illusion.
I’m not afraid of loneliness,
cosmic providence, gives me everything I need,
at any moment.
The universe does not speak human language,
he knows my priorities through
the frequency at which I vibrate.
I release everything negative, unnecessary,

to be a better version of myself, as an end and a beginning.
Death and Resurrection.
My priority now is love,
kindness, light and peace.
I ask for nothing for myself,
what I need will just find a way.

©️ Melita Mely Ratković
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On the way to the horizon

I see you on the horizon, dusty
road, night, shooting stars.
In the astral, at the secret meeting place
lover. Souls touch there

tired of hopelessness, which the ignorant
called an illusion, I move from
matter into antimatter, free and easy.
We are instantly leaving the earthly ones

bodies, a little escape without “baggage”, oh if only we knew
our secret, twin flames,
great love, incomparably stronger, more beautiful

from any earthly, we are in everything
we return to earthly clothes, partings fall hard, we dissolve distances together.

©️ Melita Ratković