Poems by Melita Ratković

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


 I was with you in a dream

 unseen by the real, seen

 a tunnel at the end of which there was a light

 sparkling light, so close

 you, I held out my hand ready

 to stay with you. Someone

 he persistently called, it disappeared

 light, you, darkness around me

 decay, painful awakening in

 hospital room, worried faces,

 the operation was successful, good

 came to life. I tell them about

 light, tunnel, used to stories

 patients after waking up from

 narcosis, they didn’t pay attention

 to my tears, they will pass, they won’t

 don’t remember anything…


Melita Ratković, lives in Novi Novi – Serbia. Profession and cultural activity: Literary ambassador of Serbia in Brazil and Spain. Participated in several anthologies, world heritage. Lifetime member of

AIAP – ACADEMIA INTERCONTINENTAL de Artistas e Poetas – Brasil

Academia Mundial de Cultura e Literatura AMCL – Brasil

Academia de Música e Literatura Artística – Brasil

Academia Independente Democrática de Escritores e Poetas – Brasil

Academia Biblioteca Mundial de Letras e Poesia – Brasil.

CILA Confraria Internacional de Literatura e Artes