Poems by Melita Ratković

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The poet

A dreamer, often a big child, a bohemian.
Heads full of stories, empty pockets.
See what others don’t notice, paint with words.
Full of ideas, bohemian, dreamer, childishly honest,
lonely. He is not attached to transitory earthly things, limited by time and space.
He dreams awake, he doesn’t know what will inspire him.
Nothing happens by force with him. Gazing into the distance, he creates a world of thoughts. If you hear, he died
is, his deeds will remain behind him. This is how real poets are born, immortal.

©️ ® Melita Ratković

Only the sea knows

We love each other in the place where the rock meets the soul. I’m hiding from the harsh reality, we’re living the dreams. Our love is powerful, timeless, real, far from prying eyes, they don’t know about the subtle exchange of energy, the refined touch of a lover, in the moment
  when they become one, distances disappear, that’s love, that’s being loved. Oh, blue sea, how many secrets do you know?
Take this one with you, calm the woman’s cry with a powerful wave as love calls out.

©️®️ Melita Ratković

My Christmas dream

I want to love, to be loved,
healthy, happy, smiling.
Peace for all the people of the world,
warm home, holiday lunch,
with the dearest creatures.
Small things, of great significance.
Christmas tree, packages,
joy on the face, as I look
how they open them. She is important
intention, wealth is not in
the size of the gift, they already feel it
that we are someone with our actions
made happy. If a tear happens, let it
be joy, pure pearl. Infinitely
I love the holiday of light, love,
hopes, dreams that are waiting to be fulfilled.

©️®️Melita Ratković

Bio: Melita Ratković, lives in Novi Novi – Serbia. Profession and cultural activity: Literary ambassador of Serbia in Brazil. / Participated in several anthologies, world heritage. Lifetime member of

AIAP – ACADEMIA INTERCONTINENTAL de Artistas e Poetas – Brasil
Academia Mundial de Cultura e Literatura AMCL – Brasil
Academia de Música e Literatura Artística – Brasil

Academia de Letras Guimarães Rosa – Allegro – Brasil

Academia Independente Democrática de Escritores e Poetas – Brasil

Academia Biblioteca Mundial de Letras e Poesia – Brasil.
CILA Confraria Internacional de Literatura e Artes