Poems by Melida Travančić

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


above her still
naked body
stands He

brandishing a large
kitchen knife

the blood from the gut
marks a perfect circle

she keeps on drifting deeper into sleep

the shape of the sun
on her white clothes
widens gradually

any moment now
a tremendous amount of energy
will be released
which will blow them up

their parts
will fill the empty spaces
and form a perfect whole
on all four sides
of the World


she has leant her body over gently
while holding tightly onto her thighs

it is no good

the sweat from her face drips down
and disappears with a guggle
in the drain of the washbasin

the mirror cracks
exactly down the middle

a perfect geometrical line
bends the light
and like a battery-operated torch
her right eye


tonight a whole world
fitted into a glass of wine
held by
trembling hands
of a naïve little girl

her face
gets brightened by the moon
which enters the room
it is round
soft and multihued

it shines insensitively


Melida Travančić is a doctor of humanities in the field of literature. She writes poetry, prose, essays, literary criticism and scientific works.
She published four books of poetry: Ritual, Svilene plahte, Sjenka u sjenci and Veo nad rijekom C and received three literary awards “Mak Dizdar”, “Anka Topić” and the award of the Foundation for Publishing.
Her poems and stories have been published in collections and anthologies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, also her works have been translated into Macedonian, English, Spanish, Persian, Hungarian and German.
She published two books of prose: Smrt u ogledalu and Ulaz u prazninu for which she received the Bosanska Rijec Publishing House’s Annual Award for Book of the Year 2021. This book was translated and published in German. She published the studies about Contemporary Bosnian Literature.
She participated in several literary festivals in the country and abroad, as well as international scientific gatherings and conferences where she presented works on literature. She has published more than twenty scientific and professional works, as well as works in the field of literary criticism.
She is a member of PEN Center BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)