Poems by Md. Hedaetul Islam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

His nickname “TEJIKOBI”. While studying at Dhaka University, he is studying at a reputed Chinese university for higher studies with a scholarship from the Chinese government. Loves to travel, read books and write. Poems, songs, stories, poems, travel stories, dramas have already gained considerable fame in the country and international area. He is the author of numerous books at home and abroad, including World Poetry Book (Russia), creating a better world (USA), likhalikhi 1st  part (INDIA), utksorgo, sahiter kusum Jyoti, bhatir desh (Bangladesh) etc. In addition to writing, he has a lot of achievements in sports in the country and in the international area. Md. Hedaetul Islam is a successful poet, writer, journalist, artist, organizer. In addition, he is playing an important role in various important voluntary organizations at home and abroad. He is successful acting president of (ora). Poet MD hedaetul Islam is a successful advisor of (ILC) international literature circle. he is a “literary Colonel” of story mirror Mumbai (India). He has been awarded numerous awards and prizes at home and abroad including World Poetry Book Award, Best Global Director Award, paper Fiber Fest Award Outstanding Poetry Award, Best Poet in the Year Award, zhongxin Dragon Board Festival Award, International The Golden Heart Award, Monthly Aesthetic Talent Award (ilc) international literature circle, UHE Award etc.
He received the best poet, writer, literary award from Shilpangan 2021. He received the Best Poet, Writer Literary, Humanitarian Peace Worker Award 2022 from Shubo Sandhya Sahitya Group. He received the Best Poet, Writer Literary, Humanitarian Peace Worker Award 2022 from Bikash Sahitya Group. He received the Best Poet, Writer Literary, Humanitarian Award 2022 from Ichcha Shakti Sahitya Group. He received the CPS Certificate of Excellence Award from Hungary. He is an honorable VIP member of the international CPS organization Hungary.He received the very popular Award PREMIO AGUILA PLATINO Mexico. He received the very popular Award, certificate of appreciation México, GREECE. creative and humanity international fellowship London England 2022 he won the award as one of the best 100 influential people in the world. He obtained honorary doctorate degrees from many reputed institutions in the world.He is doing a lot for the welfare of humanity and wants to work for life. He is wishing blessings and blessings to all.

I can i canMd. Hedaetul Islam

i can i can
I will fight again and again.
Even if I lose, I will fight.
I know one day I can.
I will not hold back,
Why should I worry for no reason?
I know one day I will die.
I will fight the battle of life again and again.
i can i can
I will make a new history.
Why lose in laziness, fear, shame,
Be brave and fight with patience.
I can say,
Where is the mistake, why is it a failure?
With perseverance and deadly will I will fight,
Cynical unprincipled no-nonsense addict why give up on his words.
I will fight with thousands, sacrifices, patience, I can,
I will fight indomitably by being cunning in good deeds.
Look at the wonder of the world, I can, I can.
After winning, I say I have fought, I will fight more for the needs of the living world.

The victory of humanityMd. Hedaetul Islam

I am a dreamer so I dream of humanity,
Let’s write some human dreams in rhythm.
Don’t dream of being sick.
Don’t be afraid to be energetic.
Do not mingle with those who have no virtue.
Don’t let the oppressor off the hook.
He who wastes time is a fool.
He will stumble, he will eat, he will be deceived.
Give love to the wise,
Give food and clothing to the needy.
He who has no house, give him a house quickly.
Fight hard against corruption forever.
Serve those who have no treatment.
Pull the orphans, the helpless to the chest.
Want to implement education for all,
May the victory of humanity
come and sing the song of peace.

Nobel womenMd. Hedaetul Islam

I am crazy about your beauty,
I am impressed by your innocent behavior.
Your words are wonderful,
I say you are amazing in action.
I know that truthfulness is your greatest strength,
I also agree that you don’t like unethical work.
May I find you in the last moments of my life,
Your love is incomparable and you have no comparison.
Always go with a spirit of sacrifice I know that,
You are a  best noble woman.