Poems by Le Hung Tien from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Hung Tien: His brief biography:
– Born on May 31, 1981, in Ninh Thuan province.
– Member of Vietnamese Musicians Association since 2007
– Member of Vietnamese Writers’ Association since 2014
– Currently he is a lecturer at University of Da Nang

* Published literature works:
+ Forever green, the tree of life (music), 2002
+ Dedication to a dream (music), 2006
+ Virtual portrait (poetry), 2007.
+ Fantasy night (Epic), 2011
+ Many other literature works to be printed and many co-printed literature works

Poetry concept:
I write poetry to wake up sperms about the essence existence of human. Whether these sperms have a lot of life energy, or what are their dying quality, requiring self-awareness of what our world will be like in a changing environment with many incidents.

Poetry is the same, like the desert battle that experienced many journeys of fighting and survival of the sperms to bring the human life of creative essence. That creativity needs to change the mindset and paradigm so that can bring healthy, effective sperms and always adapt to the new existence of the new era…

Pursuing poetry?
It’s just that I want the sperms to be always healthy, full of energy and live with many aspirations, including ambitions to conquer new creation in the human essence, that’s why I write poetry to nurture them, but not pursuing anything for poetry.

Some examples of Le Hung Tien poem:


I want to be young again
But time is not a purple sun

The mountain can be grown up
But the earth cannot count the dust

Although strange flowers bloom aroma in the wind
But the beautiful girl region refuses to turn itself into the riverbed

Life is sometimes successful, sometimes unsuccessful
But no one knows its origin

I try to hold on time
But childhood cannot make the sky smaller

Mourning for loneness

I hide loneness in the soil
Rain falls at sunrise
Flocks of birds spread their wings to find each other

Loneliness I wrap in my voice
Silence breaks into each piece of ideas
No one can assemble the pendulum of time

Loneness I leave into blank pages
The words call for the eyes rainy season
Demanding the era changing living in digital intonation

Loneliness I take with my mind
Someone burns sadness for the deep smoke of springtime
An empty bewilderment

Lonely days go up in price
I trade a lot of emotional fees
Mourning for life of words born from the dawn

Someone’s word grave is so lonely
The world still proliferates millions of beliefs
But loneliness is not worshiped by mankind