Poems by Kumar Ghimire

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio of the poet: Kumar Ghimire is a Nepalese poet who writes mainly in Nepali and English. His poems has been appeared in national international magazines like Himalayan Diary, Grey thoughts and cultural reverence etc.

Title of the poem: Me and The nature

The notion of heaviness
I had carried on
as being curious as cat
I found
I am the possessing most vice
I wandered like the wind
a lot of curiosity as the child
I deep drawn into the nature
I got the god as architecture
Uncovering the veils of illusions
everything fades away, at time
living for others
like smiling trees
Fruits for others
laughing mountains
taught me being convicted
Shining lotus as little sun
blossoms on water muddy
Glowing moon reflects on the sky
Change is inevitable
Excepts its
everything is white lie
As I look myself
my dancing hearts yearns
many more to go
many more to learn.

Title of the poem: Childhood

Sun sets underneath of darkness
Sparkling Stars covers the sky.
I remember my childhood
And the fairy tales
I’m far away now
But missing those silly days

I remember the red pillows
Carrying my head.
The fairy tales told by my grand ma
And the joy it carried.

I remember,
How we friends met
Just after the battle won by sun.
The game played, the Naughtiness
The decent smile
The funny expressions.
The ponds nearby endless red clay road.
Dividing green fields on either side.
The dust in the wind.
The pot carrying the cold water
In my childhood crush’s head.
The white houses.
Amazing sculpture carved
On its green walls.

Title of the poem: Let me be

I want to be a child
enjoying each moment
even in nothingness.
Let me pour in my
Wavering Ocean of imagination.
Let me be Playful with my own dumbness.
And ignoring the pre-suppositions.
Let me have the courage
to dance like the rain
in the face of adversity.
Let me smile and scatter joy
with just my decent smile.
I want to shine like fire
Let me fulfill my unfulfilled desires.
I want to forget
I am in a chain.
I want to fly in the firmament
like the clouds of the sky.