Poems by Kieu Bich Hau from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Brief biography: Born in 1972 in Hung Yen Province, Vietnam.
A writer, poet, translator, literary agent. Member of Vietnam Writers’ Association
Editor of NEUMA magazine of Romania; Editor of Humanity magazine of Russia; Ambassador of Ukiyoto Publisher of Canada to Vietnam.
Published 20 books (prose, poetry, translation) in Vietnam, Italy, Canada.
Won 6 international and national awards in Literature.


At last, you come to me
In the shade of another woman
For our fate to fulfill
At the endlessness of missing you

Now here, I love you and tear you off
The shade of the woman
hidding you inside
Are you here, or there?
It’s You
Or only I

Only remaining covers
Tearing off

Deeply in the misery
And the last disappointment
The forever lost souls.


Decide to stand up
Clear the tears
Fly high above
to see human in the fear

Who is tied up
to their own mind
Who is tied up
to their daily lives
Who is strong enough
to save our lives?

I want to change
Dare to get that pain
Fight for my love
in my own way
Gain the right man’s heart
for me…

And the old ways die
And the whole world changes
for all…


cry for people who has been dying from covid
cry for one who can not change his bad habits
cry for one who can not stop thinking
cry for what is happening
cry for one who has absurd worries
cry for one who can not cry
cry for the world that changes too fast
cry for the past that obsesses our mind
cry for me who dies at last
(Hanoi 20Aug20)