Poems by Jernail S Aanand

Dr Jernail S Aanand, Founder, President of International Academy of Ethics India

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


A patient who fainted on hearing 

Of recent tragedies

Was taken to a 

Literary Clinic.

He was touched very deeply

And swooned.

The doctor was in a fix 

He had a life saving drug 

Which had to be administered IV

But it could have an adverse effect also 

Sending the senses of the patient 

Out of the boundary 

Finding the patient is dying, 

And in severe  pain, 

The doctor decided 

He needs an intravenous injection.

What is the prescription?

The doctor replied:

He needs an injection of 

The West Wind by Shelley.

Is it not possible to give him some tablets?

Injection may have a reaction.

Isn’t it dangerous? 

If he turns a revolutionary? 

The doctor looked at the patient’s father

And said:

Yes, we have a prosaic treatment too.

We can administer him fiction,

And he will recover in six months.

Take 40 doses of Great Expectations by Dickens 

From the Dispensary 

He should read two pages in the morning,

Two before lunch, and two after dinner

For six months.

The doctor further said:

Fiction also heals, 

But it is a long drawn out treatment, 

And costly also.

There was a banner on the 

Wall of the Clinic;

If you want immediate results, 

Go for Poetry IV.