Poems by Jatinder Aulakh

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Jatinder Aulakh is editor of Hindi and Punjabi literary journal ‘Meghla’. His articles and poetry are often published in leading newspapers and magazines. His poems are published in many international anthologies and magazines. Jatinder Aulakh has been a columnist for several newspapers. His poetry column in Punjabi Writer weekly a American Newspaper is Popular across the globe. By profession he is a Homeopathic Doctor and his research work about archaeological sites in Majha area has been well recognized.  Jatinder Aulakh is awarded with many national and international awards by Gujarat Sahitya Academy’ , Best poetry Motivational Strip award by International organization, Great Silk Route Award in Germany.  Contact:- Mob..9815534653 – [email protected]

Four Short Poems By Jatinder Aulakh


Don’t say me goodbye.
I am ocean
and you are a wave.
You will have to
come back.


They Said that we don’t
Want to see your face.

I replied, “i have no face,
I am a mirror”.


Reading the newspaper
in the morning
And waiting for
cup of coffee
Is like exploring
the world at home.

A light

Demon of past
Forced me to slavery
Of unfavorable and
Unpleasant concerns.

A prodigious light
Came upon me
To unchained my spirit.
I am unconstrained now.

@- Jatinder Aulakh