Poems by Irina Shulgina

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Irina Shulgina: Composer, poet, singer, vocal teacher from Russia. Honored Worker of Culture. Soloist of the Philharmonic. The head of the family ensemble “Sisters”. Honorary Worker of literature and Art of the International Academy of LIK (Germany). Academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts (St. Petersburg). Academician MARLEY (Canada). Academician LIK (Germany). Representative of the Federation of the World Society of Culture and Arts of Singapore. ISP member (Moscow). Member of SPSA and ISAI.

The author of more than 300 songs in various genres, anthems, which are performed by soloists and groups from different regions of Russia. Laureate of international and All-Russian competitions. Grand Prix of the International Competition in France. Knight of the Order of Merit in Literature and Art.

To the ground… by Irina Shulgina

What are we doing wrong
If it’s fear, if it’s darkness?
Where do we confuse the tracks
On the ground, by the water?

What do you say in our chest?
I don’t understand? Help me!
Why is everyone against us
And now this time?

We are changing the riverbeds
Not for a year, not for a century.
We pull the soul from the inside –
Out of the ground, out of the ground.

Heart, heart in half
Someone here, someone there.
The whole world is messed up,
Everything is wrong, everything is wrong!

          To the ground, do you hear, to the ground
          Bow down to the gray plain.
          Ask, let him forgive you
          Mother Earth, then your Shrine!

Can just stop
Destroy everything, change everything.
Knowing exactly the essence of life
We are able to return everything.

Just hold out your hand
Those who are weak, who are in the shadows.
Everything can be changed
Let the birds go to the sky!

“Life will put everything in its place” by Irina Shulgina

Thoughts are the creation of a wise man,
And the word is right
In the subtle matter of the Creator will come to life.
Transforming this light
With bright thoughts,
We will protect ourselves from troubles.          

Someone is sinning meekly,
And someone seems,
So filling this world with vanity.
Someone is spoiled by fate,
And someone is worried
In search of the simple truth.

Life will put everything in its place,
And this is the truth.
Eternity is ordained by God, not by us.
The globe of the earth rushes in a circle,
And this is the truth,
So bringing you and me closer.

A moment lived in love… by Irina Shulgina

A moment lived in love
And on the path of life
Everything is just beginning
Warm look and tenderness of hands,
The joy of meeting the pain of separation –
It is in the heart that love is born.

A year spent in love,
You, with the hope of saving.
Let this path continue.
Children’s laughter and the first step,
Something is done wrong,
But in love, everything is forgiven with love.

A life lived in love
At the end of the path
Only with love the soul does not say goodbye.
Looking into children’s eyes
Let’s turn back time,
After all, in love only life goes on.

                   Time is racing in a circle –
                   This is a round of life.
                   And closer and closer we are getting
                   At the right time.
                   Life is a twisted road,
                   Don’t rush the time.
                   And from edge to edge
                   Live it only in love!

Asterisk by Irina Shulgina

There, somewhere high up, you won’t find the answer
And the dust of our mistakes will dissolve the pain.
Somewhere, deep down, my heart is warmed,
Just don’t cool off and awaken love.

I will draw rain and a rainbow of hope,
The light of children’s smiles and the angel of the soul.
Who can help me to be near, as before,
To take away from the troubles, we need to hurry.

It is not always given to us to see the light at the end of the tunnel,
To overcome or overcome.
If it is destined and on the way of loss
It is necessary to overcome the upheaval of life.

Morning star, bright star
It will always shine for those who are on the way.
Life is not a game, it can be anything.
Only love can save us!