Poems by Hoang Cam Thach from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Her biography: Currently living in Vinh City, Nghe An province
Former Lecturer at Nghe An Pedagogical College
Member of Association of Literature and Art of Vietnamese Ethnic Minorities.
Member of Arts and Literature Association of Nghe An
Published 13 individually printed poetry collections and many selected and co-published poems in magazines and on Central and local radio.
21 awards (1 excellent prize, 1 prize C of the Central Committee Propaganda, 1 excellence prize, 1B prize, 1 consolation prize of the Ministry of Culture and Information; 2 Ho Xuan Huong Prizes; Award of Song Lam Magazine and Nghe An province… etc)

Her poems:

Vy Giam* we are returning 

My Nghe hometown is severe the weather
Continuous rainstorms, hot and dry Laos winds
Folk songs are also deeply meaningful
Absorbing people’s souls since the crib time

You look for me – emotional Vy Giam
Moon night on the dim road
The hair** flies in the wind
The moment of shyness, the star eyes fall

The silent folk song, listening to mother’s lullaby
Father’s shadow on the dry plowing road
The time flies, the life flows
Who carries the falling shadows of the Sunset

My heart is restless with the folk song
Compassionating the bewildered stork wings on the water field
The rural rivers and rustic boats
Carrying alluvium with a desire for thousand years

The beloved Nghe land, the attached Vy Giam
The reciprocal singing night that recalling the fabric ward
Moonlight tilts the boats
The spouse significance passionates days and nights

Love of Nghe land – love of the country
No matter where to go, thousands of miles away
The folk song anchors the people to stay
You look for Vy Giam… we are returning…
*Vy Giam is type of folk performing art that occupies an important position in the cultural life of the people of Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces in central Vietnam.
** The hair is originally a few short strands on sides of one’s forehead and ears.

Hang Bua festival

The village festival was ended long time
Hesitating someone’s footsteps
Clouds drifted like not drifting
The mountain as a promise

People went to Hang Bua
Fascinated by mountainous love
I said I’ll wait for
Your soul was like a music stream

It was fairy scene or real world
Taking us into the mist
When the sun just went out
You were just with me…

Welcoming spring on Truong Sa island

A young soldier hurriedly kissed his lover
The ship whistle resounded at the harbor
Lots of affectionate eyes and smile
A mild wife held her husband hands

The ship bow went ahead to the East Sea
Bringing the breath of mainland to the island
The blue letters were nervous behind the shirts
Dear Truong Sa, love of the sea – love of the people…

The red flag flew in the middle of the ocean
The sacred place of the Fatherland sea
Yellow apricot and Prunus persica petals blossomed
Welcoming spring on Truong Sa island

Singing relieved the homesickness
New Year’s Eve echoed the waves
Their whole youth dedicated
Let do the sea and sky of Truong Sa be blue forever…

The countryside market on New Year days

Wandering at the countryside market
Buying some fishes and bringing home to cook with salt cabbages
The countryside market is not in a hurry to buy and sell
Greeting each other lovely

Stalls selling green Phyllodes placentaria leaves,
Splitting bamboo tubes, onions, the shoulder porks
The countryside market is no rush
Busily purchasing, friendly talking and laughing

No matter how far the countryside market is, it becomes near
Selling without bargaining, bunch of fresh Oenanthe javanica
Potatoes are sweet and delicious
The roosters crow to greet customers

The flower market in New Year days
Crowded customers, buying gifts to welcome spring
The marshy fields are still covered on feet
Dazing for the time at Can market, the countryside market…

Emotional Lam Giang stream

Who covered the green shirt
Up to the river of motherland
Who named it so cleverly
Emotional Lam Giang stream…

Dear river is flowing for thousands of years
Why is its streamline still the same?
The river that is reaching out
Where to carry the alluvial?

Long years apart
In the nostalgia
Young sister’s figure
Paddy was heavy on your two shoulders

The moon shimmered on a summer night
The singing voice of boats
Remembering the barefoot time
I was clumsy by you

Paddy in the field grew green
Our countryside turned to a new season
To the festival season with you
The song resounded by the river

To the festival season with you
The beloved Nghe land ….

Translated into English by Khanh Phuong