Poems by Gordana Sarić

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Nowhere have you gone/
you are with me like you used to be,/
you just moved from the space of an eye/
into my longing chest.

Here you are like blessing, my sleepy angel,/
detained by the chains of my amazing love,/
cherished by the care of a soul in love,/
eternelly woven in every part of it.

You and me were two cravings/
powerfully charmed by each other,/
inseparable like a bird and the sky/
embraced forever with hand in hand.

And now we are just a flicker,/
one inhale and a body,/
wherever I go we are always together,/
my whole being is respired by you.

My divine flame longing,/
you elevate my life by your infinite love/
and like an angel who embraces my dreams,/
you timelessly exist and last in me.

You last in thoughts, memories and in my dream/
your warm home is in my soul,/
I keep you piously like a relic/
like a heartbeat you are always with me.

Gordana Sarić, professor of French and Latin from Montenegro, has published 23 books of love and children’s poetry and prose. Her 30 poems are taught in the second grade of elementary school. She is the winner of state, regional and world awards. She recently received the highest award from Philanthropy in Montenegro “ISKRA” for the COMMON GOOD, she was also declared VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR OF MONTENEGRO, she received the highest award of LIBERATION OF NIKŠIĆ for culture. She is a world ambassador for peace in several countries, ICON OF PEACE in MOROCCO, PRINCESS OF PEACE IN BELGIUM, AMBASSADOR OF PEACE IN ITALY, etc. She was declared the MOST BELOVED WOMAN of the 21st century with the award for the BEST POETRY MANUSCRIPT organized by the BUSINESS SOCIETY OF SERBIA, THE QUEEN OF POETRY in BITOL, etc. Her BIOGRAPHY IS VERY RICH as shown by the 1050 items published in the BIBLIOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY IN CETINJE.