Poems by Dasharath Naik

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: DASHARATH NAIK (DOB 23 June,1964) hails from a middle class family at Bijadihi in Sundargarh district of Sundargarh, Odisha. Presently Reader in English(SS) , he has been serving at P. S. College, Bargaon since 1987. As a student of English Literature, Sri Naik likes all the genres especially poetry and he loves reading magical lines by mighty minds. He himself writes for pleasure and Humanity is his main concern.


After nightfall
With my abundance
I’m looted;

Whimsical go the intruders
And I find my little realm
All trampled ;

Tucked in a dark corner
Tears I shed
In helplessness utter;

Bereft of my self
But flesh all in all
I kill myself thereafter.

©® Dasharath Naik


As she pours smiles
Her pearls like teeth sparkle
And my heart dances mirthfully.

Her unconditional love
Makes me live with dignity
And I enjoy its grace heartily.

When she sulks
With drops of tears
I feel myself awkward seriously.

Her undue demands
Often let me suffer
I cry behind the door stealthily.

Sane or insane
A boon or a bane
My Monsoon, my very own truly.

©® Dasharath Naik


Know not why everything around
does look so absurd and hazy

Know not why my world falters
like a pendulum and is so muzzy

Know not why things don’t remain
the same when not densely fuzzy

Know not why my sincere words
never ever make them a bit crazy

Know not why my life quite blurry
whereas some others’ so cozy

Know not why like a chameleon
they change but never go mazy

Know not why I often fail to smile
and unexpectedly I feel so dizzy

Know not why darkness wraps me
and lights cannot keep me busy

Know not why troubles trouble
and me always undeniably oozy

Know not why plights hug me hard
and my innocence sees things rosy .

©® Dasharath Naik