Poems by Chandra Gurung

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

BIO: Chandra Gurung is a Nepali poet/translator. He has two poetry collections in his credit. His work has been featured in many anthologies and websites including: More of My Beautiful Bahrain (Bahrain), Snow Jewel (USA), The Collections of Poetry and Prose series (UK), Warscapes.com, and many others.
Also, Chandra Gurung translates poems from other foreign languages into Nepali. He has been awarded “Asvikrit Bichar Sahitya Samman-2016” for his contributions in Nepali poetry.

Joy Unbound

While taking to air,
The sprightly wings begin to tire
The throat gets parched
Hunger hounds the hollow belly
Rain raids randomly
And the sun bakes and boils.

His life takes
An unfettered flight imbued with majestic high

This Evening

Hoard in heart holding the ears of this storm
That, like a tormenter, entered the garden
To rob it of its beauty
Some bright day
We can talk about this dark time.

Don’t allow an easy fall
To the tears falling from your eyes
Let some dust of rage rise from the floor
Where the drops fall
Let dissatisfaction take a few steps
Let some hands rise in dissent.

My friend, adorn in the canvas of your heart
The beautiful image of a smile
That drifted to the fringe of a cheek.
In the sky of time, some day-
This bird of smile can flap its wings of desire
And take a flight of freedom.

Instill new breaths into the songs
Those declared dead while singing the melodies of life
Erect anew the dream castles left devastated
Allow the trees to repose; it is tired of combating storms
Do not stop the sun atop a hill
Tomorrow a new morn can be ushered in again

Feet returning from distant trips
Are stepping into the homesteads to ward off their fatigue
The birds moving towards their nests
Shall touch a new horizon again
At weary hours of life
We can hold a dialogue with this darkness
Hanging tube light from the lamppost of our hearts.

This evening
Count joys, big and small; add and subtract them
Calculate your joys and sorrows
Let currents of hope emanate, brushing aside the bruises of life
Let a seedling of courage germinate
A wave of excitement ripple
….this is how one should be living

Life Sings on

The green mountains come and sit
On the window, left wrecked by the earthquake
The sun moves, scattering light over the desolate garden
The wind blows, wafting fragrance all over the woods
The rivers flow of their own accord
As though nothing untoward has happened anywhere
The plants and trees sway nonchalantly.

In the bright mirror of the horizons
The mountain glances at its own face mauled by an avalanche
The stars twinkle in the dark
Seemingly trying to appease a sick child
The moon appears in the sky at deepening dusk
To show the weary porter his way

In some corner of the heart
Birds of excitement keep flying
Spouts of wishes spring in the dry heart,
Light throngs around the eyelashes
Like children gathering around a balloon-man.

A waft of ardent wind enters the heart
Time moves with newer ambitions even in a rain of tears
The rainbow blossoms over the mountain, beset by drought
A band of clouds reaches from a distant land
To embrace the lonely mountain in its bosoms.

Problems tangle
Journeys halt
But the sun, every morning, rises with newer hopes
Like a bird on a burnt stump of a tree
Life keeps on singing a song!

Fragrance of Love

One day
Worries shall take wings and soar away
The ocean of deep gashes shall heal
The long river of tears shall go dry
And that ancient scream of agony
Shall disappear around the dark caves of life.

For ages,
Only the fragrance of love shall emanate
From every heart.


Since you are back
Take those roses on the table
And adorn them in the hearts.
Let the fragrance of love waft from it.

Bring out on the veranda
A pair of chairs;
Let’s spend some intimate moments.
Also place a bottle of wine, and two glasses
On the table;
We shall spend
Some moments of life, talking.

My weary rags
My books, pen and paper abandoned like an orphan
The stubs of cigarette littered like unclaimed corpses
And the scratched mirror-
All await for a single touch
From you.

This dark evening
You showed up at my doorstep all alone.
At this moment
Every nook of my heart
Is filled with love, ripple by ripple.

Leave it!
Let that window remain open at least
It reflects my heartfelt belief
That you would certainly turn up.