Poems by Asha Kumari

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Asha Kumari is a passionate editor, author, reader, essayist, and bilingual poetess from Bihar, residing in New Delhi, India. She has received many awards and certificates from various organisations for her poetry oeuvre. Her poems have been published globally in different newspapers, archives, websites, journals, and anthologies. She has got many laurels, such as Gujarat Sahitya Academy as a mark of respect on the occasion of India’s 75th and 76th Independence Day, Rabindranath Tagore Literary Honours 2022, World Literary Prize 2022 from Rahim Karim World Literature Foundation, and Honorary Doctorate in Latin American Literature (Doctor Honoris Causa En Literatura LatinoAmericana) from esteemed organisation INSTITUCIÓN CULTURAL COLOMBIANA, CASA POÉTICA MAGIA Y PLUMAS of America, in recognition of exhibiting Literary Brilliance Par Global Standards. She has also been honoured by Genesis World Writers Community on the occasion of 61st and 62nd Independence Day of Federal Republic of Nigeria for showing literary excellence with a renovating mindset in the world.

True Love Never Dies

True love is soulful and eternal,
Independent of time and space,
Everlasting, incessant, and unending,
Adorned with fragrance amaranthine.

True love is divinely planned,
Cherished and nurtured magically, 
In the garden of divinity and infinity,
For some right purpose at right time.

True love has no boundaries,
Begets exquisitely at the fathom of soul,
Flows like perennial rivers reverberantly,
Like fragrance aromatic and redolent.

True love is immortal and spiritual,
Showered on beloved unconditionally,
As divine angelic blessings magically,
Glitters like stars for aeons and ages.

©Asha Kumari


Invaluable in this world is humanity,
No race, no religion, no creed, no boundary,
Respecting and promoting unity in diversity,
Only oneness in this world is humanity.

Threaded with kindness, compassion,
Love, trust, respect, truth, and positivity,
Humanity is light of divinity,
For all creatures to begets and survive.

Humanity is human sensitivity to bridge up
Barriers of culture, race, tribes, communities,
Colour, ethnicity, and nations under oneness,
Embracing all with love and compassion.

Removing hatred, greed, power, prejudice,
Embracing love and light of divinity,

Having sympathy for all creatures and creeds,
Are ambrosial virtues of jubilant humanity.

©Asha Kumari

Power of inspiration

Inspiration has power to revive a person,
Surrounded by gloom and melancholy,
Acts as ambrosial balm for pains and scars,
Soothes and calms all indelible blemishes.

Inspiration are actually food for soul,
Helps in growing and flourishing,
Gives power to turns all obstacles,
Barricades and hurdles to boon.

Inspiration and compassion have power,
To grow a person to the best version,
For the benefits of divinity and humanity,
For spreading mellifluous fragrance all-around.

©Asha Kumari

Life Is Our Own Reflection

Life is our own reflection,
Whatever we are at our core of heart,
We perceive the world in that way.

Our destiny is our own creation,
Consciously or unconsciously,
Manipulation of our own thoughts.

Whatever we want and desire,
Immensely and ardently for long,
That’s come today or tomorrow.

Universe reflects us what we want,
We are responsible for the destiny,
What is in front of us or will come.

Learning from past pains and mistakes,
Implementing lessons in present wisely,
Create the astounding destiny magically.

©Asha Kumari